Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Time to practice - done resting

They say that rest is just as important as training. After the rides this past weekend I told myself and some people at work that I need 2 days to recover. At that point I could ease into some training then hit it hard again. In the past, I've done too much in the couple days after ultra weekend rides and hurt for more days. It is difficult to know exactly how much rest is good.

I actually felt pretty good yesterday but decided to stick with my plan. This is exactly what I did.

During the day today, I practiced some odd object lifting, 30-50 lb sandbags. We are getting ready to play with these at work. I filled some up yesterday and dropped them off in the CP, the 3 and the 4. They all played all day long.


lunch time: pistol (30-50)sandbag - 5 sets of 1/1, presses 1arm mp, side press, bent press.

5 rounds of:
TGU 24k 1/1
Pull up - BW - 5
Swing - 24k 20 (2arm)

This workout is getting easy, I will do it 1 more time then move to 32k and add weight to the Pull ups. Of course, RIF says, 'It's all easy 'til it's heavy.'

My focus with all swings have been on perfect technique. Power breathing and snappy hips. Tonight I observed that the more I concentrated on the breathing, the easier they became.

Breathing technique? There is a technique to something natural?
YES! Stay tuned for a breathing class!

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