Monday, October 6, 2008

Boost Protocol - D5

For some reason, doing the protocol with the snatch is waaaayyyy easier than with the viking push press. Perhaps it is the the shear numbers of snatches I've done in the past 3years. I'm certainly in the groove and the exercise just keeps feeling better.

The viking push press is a relatively new exercise for me. The first time I tried it was this past June and I really haven't worked on it, until now. I can say with confidence that I'm not comfortable with this exercise. Nothing a lot of practice won't cure.

Boost: VPP, 4 rounds ea
Pull up 3x11


Mike T Nelson said...

Thanks for the updates!

I should probably know this, but what is a Viking push press? I know what a push press is, but the viking version?

Care to share any details of the evil boost plan?

Keep up the great work!
How are the new Z drills working for ya?
Rock on
Mike N

Bob O. said...

You got mail!

I will post a VPP video soon.