Saturday, January 23, 2010


Yesterday was another like Thursday. Accumulated fatigue left no desire to work out. This time I was the antagonist providing the peer pressure. Oh, and the workout etc. We did some chain progressions leading up to double kettlebell snatches. Little did I know how this would leave us feeling later.

Workout completed. Got home, ate, sat on the couch and I was out until 0200 when I crawled into bed. I slept more than 13 hours. Not sure if this was due to the workout or a combination of an entire week of fatigue. Wow. I decided to rest for the day. I'll pick up the pace again tomorrow.

The What:
Swings: 24k - about 100 1 arm, 2 arm etc.
bottoms up long push press - 1x5
2x swing, clean, squat press
2x clean, high pull, push press
1xsnatch x 5
16k Double snatch 3x5

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Peer Pressure

I've been pushing my luck with an degenerative condition in my back. This week I've been on my feet most of the day. The result is back pain. So when it was time to workout today I was not interested. At all.

Well, I watched another workout in my office and when it came time for swings, I said no. But then he stood there staring at me. I caved and the swing-athon began.

Swing: 700...left, right, 2hand, then 20 switch hand.

chain 16k x2--Swing, Clean, Squat Press

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kickin it

I can't afford to take more than 1 day off. I find that more than that and I loose something. There are exceptions like a couple days rest after an ultra. But I just trained normal this week and still haven't brought training up on all cylinders yet...I've been skippin most bike workouts.

I may need to restructure the training week a little based on my grad school course work. I get too tired to stay awake and study when I both ride and lift. So, I may load all the distance work between Sat - Tue and sneak in a commute or 2 on the other days. Anyone have an opinion?

Today Training
Z R phase
ASLR, ankle mobility
Get ups 2x5
Chains:::2/16k swing, clean squat press (2 ea) 5x5
Swings - 600 16k alt each 10. 2 set x 300

Feelin good!

Friday, January 15, 2010

The week wrap up

This week's wrap up. Made some good progress on strength and fitness levels. What I do this weekend will set up the next few weeks for some awesome gains. Doing high swing numbers is kinda cool. I felt like I could have gong for my 1ooo rep goal with the 16 today but I will save for Sun or Mon.

Clean-->Squat-->Push Press 2/16k : 4 sets x 5 - prep work for jerks
Jerks 2/24k - 2,4,6,8,10 = 1440 kg = (3,175#)
Swing 16k - 2 x 200, 1 x 103 - 1 hand alt every 10. total - 503 rep 8048kg (17,743#)

Ride 30 miles (2 h)
Swing - 16k 1 x 300 (6:50)

Clean>Squat>Press>Swing 2/24 4x5 (960kg)
Ride trainer - 35 min.

Jerk 2/24 - 2,4,6,8,10

Monday, January 11, 2010

Chains - twenty-ten version

Completed 3 weeks of ETK. Good progress. Now rotate 2 week of ETK. I'm doing this because double kettlebell work is so very effective. Basically twice the load in the same amount of time. It is great for building fitness, and dropping lbs. Both are important.

I kicked off with double 24k today. I debated about doing at least 1 workout with 16ks, this may have been wise as I haven't done the intense chain workouts in about a month. Well, no sense in being weak like last year. Time to move on, up, and reap the benefits. In reality I'll probably be sore for a few days. C'est la vie. Non?

Swing, front squat, clean, press 24kx2 4 sets x 4 reps. Good for day one.
Check this volume out:
48k x 16 reps. 768k. = ~1700lbs (for each lift)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Volume with ladders, it adds up

Today's menu is the heavy day of ladders.

Swing: 1x50
Pushups 2 x 30
Press: 28k] 1 x 1234, 4 x 1233

Let's look at how volume adds up with ladders.

Today I did 16 more reps or 448K (988#). Total Vol today: 1288kg(2840#)

Compare that to the last 2 weeks at 3 rung ladders. 840K (1852#). 988lbs more weight. That's progress.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Feeling better today but felt the need to ease back into the swing of things. The last thing I wanted to do this AM was hop the the bike for an hour ride in freezing temperatures. Result is FAIL. I did manage to begin fixing disfunction with a Z session this AM. It certainly helped put a zip in my step for most of the day.

Z full body R Phase.

Swings -- 16k - 1 Set of 300.
For the most part my form was great. I could feel each rep when I was slipping out of the groove and quickly corrected. I am working up to some high reps over the coming months. The key is quality. When quality suffers, I'll stop and hit them another day. 300 was a good starting place and the weight was good for now. Grip was good probably had another 60 reps in grip. Posterior chain endurance is the limiter right now. Heck those are 2 of the main benefits of this exercise. This will also help get me ready for some snatching. I've been neglecting this for too long. I'll wait a little longer until, until swing goal is met.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

ugggh. . . Recruit Crud

Uggggh, I think I got the recruit crud. Everyone at work has had it or has it now and my family has been in a serious skermish with this stuff. It started with some irritation and left me feeling useless ALL weekend. I managed to make it through the work day the past few days with with some help from some otc meds. The worse part of this is the lack of training. Hopefully this will pass in the next day or so.

In the mean time I have done some training. But being careful not to tax the system and stay fresh. I couldn't just do nothing. SHEESH.

The good:
Sun: Clean and Press 32K 5 x 1 - light day...kinda Done in GTGroove mode.
Mon: Pistols 1/1 16k GTG.
Today: Clean and Press 28k 5 x 2 rungs - medium.

The bad:
I'll pay for this. Perhaps a 2:00 major in the box? (that's a hockey reference) I will actually pay physically as disfunction catches up with me slowly, quietly, and secretly. I haven't been doing the most important things...Z and other corrective strategies that serve to keep me plum, aligned and mobile.

The ugly:
I'm already starting to feel it. I've been on my feet alot the past few days and it is catching up with me. Here's a list of things acting up:
Ankles: tight
L lumbar area: about 6 on pain. Annoying.
Forearms: tight
Jaw: tight
Neck: tight

It's probably all related huh? I'm sure everything is tight right now. I need to reprogram and reset the system before I do any real physical activity.

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 day1

Ended 2009 with a 5 hour ride on the trainer. What a way to spend the day...if you are into that sort of thing. I would rather be outside on the bike for 5 hours but I'm not complaining. I was able to work on a few things. 1) Position is dialed in on the BMC, finally - I think. 2) I could concentrate on cadence technique. I also spent the first few hours spinning away in Z1,2. The last few hrs were in intervals and I'm sure that HR spiked. NEED POWER METER.

I began 2010 with an ETK heavy day. Swings x 100 and Clean and Press ladders with 28k 5 x 123. I'll go for 4 rungs next week.