Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kickin it

I can't afford to take more than 1 day off. I find that more than that and I loose something. There are exceptions like a couple days rest after an ultra. But I just trained normal this week and still haven't brought training up on all cylinders yet...I've been skippin most bike workouts.

I may need to restructure the training week a little based on my grad school course work. I get too tired to stay awake and study when I both ride and lift. So, I may load all the distance work between Sat - Tue and sneak in a commute or 2 on the other days. Anyone have an opinion?

Today Training
Z R phase
ASLR, ankle mobility
Get ups 2x5
Chains:::2/16k swing, clean squat press (2 ea) 5x5
Swings - 600 16k alt each 10. 2 set x 300

Feelin good!


Blake and Hollie said...

Your blog title just motivates me!

All those swings....I bet you feel good :) I'd be beat.

Bob O. said...

Yea, I feel good. It's amazing how quickly we adapt. Doing 300 today was much easier than a week ago.

If you want to build endurance in your back (and grip), than swings are the way to go!