Wednesday, October 31, 2007


This morning I dressed up as a cyclist and rode to work. This afternoon I repeated. Anyway, no kettlebells today need rest.

ride am: 15
Ride PM: 15

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

the barons of Vélocio

He builds bikes for “the princes of the challenges and the lords of ‘Flèches,’ the barons of Vélocio.” Read more at COHO THOUGHTS.

I was reading a blog by frame builder Charles Lathe who's bicycles are designed for randonneuring. Chuck is going to build my new steed and the fact that he uses the sentence in the first line of his post is inspiring.

Maybe I am a prince of challenge - I love challenge even when I want to quit. There is little that compares to overcoming your own mind. Completing what your mind tells you is impossible.

lords of ‘Flèches,’ - I haven't completed a fleche yet. I plan on riding one in spring 2008. The fleche is a minimum of 380k. If things go as planned, I will do so on my new Coho bicycle.

Baron of Velocio - this is just a cool title. My imagination is going wild. Thinking about the aces of WWI in dog fights over Belleau Wood where the Marines earned 3 Croix de Guerre from the French for their Heroism...or... imagine riding my bicycle with some bread to my castle or chateau in the alps.

Chuck has some good writing on his blog and his bicycles are beautiful. Check them out!

Day 1 Workout B

For those that are unfamiliar with marksmanship, this is the DOG target. Notice the similarity to a human silhouette. How do I know this? Because every Marine is a Rifleman.

Workout B is just as much FUN as yesterday's! Although it was a very quick, it is very effective. I'm feelin' it! I think I shall call workout B - ONE SHOT ONE KILL. We should think about workouts like that. Get it out of the way with intensity. Forget all that low intensity 'cardio' garbage.

Contrary to what many in the mainstream fitness industry and those whose only knowledge is limited to these teachings, this is a far better way to go. Why in the world would you want to spend hours doing physical training and why would you do this with no results? Oh, yea there is a supplement or diet plan that will fix everything for you. Right? WRONG-O!

One Shot One Kill is simply training for kettlebell sport. The long cycle clean and jerk is one of three events in the sport. A girevek (kettlebell man) will do this event for 10 minutes without setting the kettlebell down. Rest may be done in the rack position. Russian kettlebell sport is a not for those that are weak minded or feeble. The events are brutal both physically and mentally. I guess that is why I fear the sport and like it all the same.

Workout B:
Long Cycle Clean and Jerk: 32K 3 min. alt hands every 5 reps - 20 reps. (don't set KB down)
Pull up 16K: 5x3

I completed the 3 minutes. It was difficult. Tried to keep pacing at 7.5 reps per minute but went a little quicker. Need to work on the rest position (rack position). I didn't feel like it was much of a rest. Today actually called for 24K but I let EGO get in the way. Like I said, one shot...

Monday, October 29, 2007

The PLAN - Day 1 - Workout A

Today is the first day of the new plan. I wrote it so I did it. It was tough getting off the couch. You can see from the video how 'easy' it is to do this workout. Try it. Notice, the sweater; it only lasted the first minute of the workout before it was lost. Also, on this first set, I finished just before the bell; I finished with more than 5 seconds remaining in the interval for the majority of them.

Notice I labeled this workout A. I am alternating 2 or 3 different workouts.

Workout A Day 1
Pull up: BW 5x5
Snatch VO2: 16K 20/20x7 (280 total reps)
Pull up BW: 5x5 + wheel 3x5

The snatches felt good and I was tempted to go for 50 sets. Decided to follow the plan.

Fantastic Finish (Football)

Check this out. It is an unreal finish to a football game. We used to do this when I was a kid only we didn't wear pads or uniforms. We called it "kill the carrier," or "smear the queer."

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Plan is Formed

Last night I mapped out my new and improved strength and conditioning plan. As I stated in an earlier post, it is simple and intense. I have a few goals with the new plan.

1. Loose weight. (fat)
2. Peak for upcoming physical fitness test.
3. Improve GPP and Strength in preparation for 2008.

Hopefully the plan's will accomplish these things without over training. As a precaution, I built in rest periods to this cycle. The plan includes 2, 4 week periods. I did modify the exercises from my initial plan. In the place of most of the MP, I substituted a clean and Jerk protocol (long cycle). I get bored doing swings every day and this should provide a nice change. Nothing replaces swings thought and don't worry they are still part of the plan. So exercises include snatch (VO2), jerk, front squat and pull ups. In addition, I will continue to ride bike (good transportation to work) and do the Z health R-Phase. There is probably something I am missing...good thing it is on my chart! (let me know if you are interested in the rest of the details)

Practice today; (it is not a workout)
GTG with Jerk, 32k 5x5/5 just working on form,

Friday, October 26, 2007

Snatch Thought

Thursday night, I had the opportunity to work with a LEO from central VA. He was in the area for some training and wanted to take the opportunity to have someone look at his form. I must say, overall, he was right on the money with most of the kettlebell exercises. Good hip snap. We refined a few small techniques that in the long run change the feel of exercise. The result is PAIN in the correct areas such as hammies and hips, not bad areas like the lower back.

One key point in the kettlebell snatch really changes the feel of the movement. When in the top position, just before you lower the kettlebell, stay on your heels. Push your hips and butt back. It will be difficult timing at first. The hip movement takes place for a split second, then lower the kettlebell. This technique will help keep the kettlebell close to your body not to mention reduce stress on the lumbar area of the back.

Try it!

Did a few sets of everything.
Swing: 2x20
Press: 2x5
Front Squat: 2x3
TGU: 2l,2r
Snatch: 2 or 3 sets of 10
Renegade rows, 2x5
Renegade lunge 1x5
sling shot
figure 8s
figure 8 with hold

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tue and Wed -- Rides

This morning was not typical. The day began at 0330 with a quick shower and I was out the door about 0400. YUCK. It is difficult to believe that at 4am near the end of October we have temperatures in the 80s. Also of note is the two coyotes running around the ocean front area.

Workouts for Tuesday and Wednesday are nearly identical.
Tue: ride 15
pull up 5x5

ride 15
pull up 6x5
A couple janda situps
z 20min.

Monday, October 22, 2007

VO2 week 2 day 1

New label of posts so I can track progress.

I attempted to use athletic tape again today to protect my hands. It did no good on the snatches. I ripped off the tape after the 4th set because it was falling off and getting in the way. I did use it on the pull ups. It helped a little. More trials needed to make any determination.

Z Health week 2 ankles.
Pull ups 6x5
VO2 snatch 16K: 20x7/7

Did 7s today to ensure form is on. I will increase sets at 7 reps in the next 2 workouts this week.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Quick One

I needed a quick workout this morning before I sat in the car all day. My original thought was get up early, ride for an hour or so, then do a little lifting. This could have taken a few hours. No time so I scrapped it!

I decided to go with this shorter workout.

Pull ups: 2x13
Snatch: 16K 1x100 (20,15,10,5) didn't set the kettlebell down.
Evil wheel 5x5

z 20 min. This completes the first week of Z. Some changes already. I will discuss more later. The next week should yield results that are more tangable...

That's all folks.

More riding in the car tomorrow! Yippie...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Write it -- Do it

Nothing new here. Just a "medium" day in the sun. It had to be upper 80s today and humid, not unlike May or Sept. Just practiced good form on all three exercises. Next week, I will begin adding volume in prep for a Dec physical fitness test.

Pull up - 5x5
front squat 2x24 + see-saw press 2x24: 5x5 (time management!)

Here's how I'm going to make this work. My current plan isn't working because I have failed to write down a plan. I do have one in my head. I am actually going to plan backwards from the date; all the way to this coming Monday.

HMMM, What to include in the plan....Of course pull ups, squats and presses; duh! Oh yea, snatches too. These 4 exercises will make the base of the plan along with bicycling as I will ride 2 brevets before the PFT. For the "abs," it will be the evil wheel and hanging leg raises. It is all looking familiar, doesn't it? The difference will be in the execution. By that I mean frequency and intensity and number of days per week. I also have to ensure there is a small taper as well as rest days after the brevets. Stay tuned, I will write more about the new plan soon.

Ready for the best news? On Tuesday I reenlist, for the last time! I plan on ordering the following kettlebells to complement what I currently have. 1x54, 1x72 and 2x88. All on the Marine Corps dime as they have decided to gimme a bonus. I have other plans for the cash as well but that is another story. Back to the kettlebells....perhaps this is unfortunate for me in a small way. More and heavier kettlebells = a new level of pain, not to mention a new level of strength and power.

Bike Pool (Thurs

A bike pool is pretty much like a car pool; a group of people meeting at a specific destination and riding to work together. Yesterday, I met a co-worker Kieth at the Food Lion. I was running a couple minutes behind schedule because I had to go back up to my house to get a headlight. As a result, I had to push the pace for the 7 miles to meet Keith. He saw me coming and we just kept going. Pushing hard and trading pulls in a slight headwind. When we got to Little Creek, I looked at my total time and it was at 40:03. This is a quick time for this route. In fact, it is the 2nd fastest I have done. Keith turned to go on the base and I headed the other direction to get the car. My commute would be an even 20.

This is great, we plan to do this more often. The benefit to me? I get to work on speed during the week and I can save precious time on Saturday for the distance rides I need. Not to mention some comradarie!

Ride: 20

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


That's what I'm calling it. Today practiced Kenneth Jay's Vo2 max protocol. I was working with this protocol for a few weeks back in July/August. I have written about it a few times in this blog. The last couple times I did it, I had no problem hitting 7 snatches per 15 sec. and that WAS today's plan.

The problem began in the first minute when I hit 7s with 4 - 5 seconds to spare. Remember, there is a reason I wanted to ease into this protocol this week. I also remember KJ writing that the benefit comes from 8s and working to 50 total. So I kicked it in and went for the 8s. I stopped at 20min. with 40 total. (The smartest thing I did all day.) I was having difficulty with proper form for the last 3 min.

Pleased with the workout. I'm still feeling the aftermath! My hands are trashed, I will have to use hand care methods as preventative medicine. Will repeat on Thurs or Fri.

Ride: 15 miles. Feel Saturday's ride.
Pullup: 5x5
VO2 Max Snatch - 16K 20l/20r x 8

Monday - Back to the basics

I am still in a "recovery" mode after Saturdays ride. I actually planned on doing the VO2 max protocol today but, I didn't plan well enough. As a result I "improvised, adapted and overcame." I decided to swap with one of my standard workouts.

Pull up: BW - 5x5
Clean and Press: 24K - 5x4 rung ladders.

Ok so it was no exactly a light recovery day. I don't have time for any BS workouts. No time to waste, no time to give away for free. I gots some goals to achieve, places to be. As the song goes, " A long way to go and a short time to get there..."

The 4 rung ladders were tough. I know I couldn't have done 5 rungs. I will try to build up to these in the next couple weeks.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Kerr Lake 200K - October

Saturday I rode the Kerr Lake 200K permanent. This time I had company as 8 other randonneurs decided to make a day of it. I must say the weather was nearly perfect except for the frigid am temps. Actually I should have brought along 3 different articles of clothing. 1. Hat that covers ears. 2. Gloves that cover the fingers. 3. Wind vest. These items would have made the first 10 miles or so much more enjoyable; as it was, it only took a couple hills to fix any cold feelings.

Overall, the ride was a great time. The company was especially great. We even stopped in Boydton VA for lunch. I had a cheese burger, fries and a Coke. It all was especially good after 65 miles or so. Let me relate the taste of the burger and fries to you with a few key words: BOWLING ALLEY STRIKE BURGER COMBO! On the positive side, I had very little negative side effects from the meal.

Distance: 129 mi.
Ride Time: 8:55
Total time: 10:30

Note: Not too bad. Still 30 quicker than the last loop ride but 30 slower than my last 200k. I guess it is to be expected with the low training volume and intensity of late. The result is obviously lower vo2 max. I was in the red zone often and always by accident. I have to fix this problem.

Lessons learned:
1. Eat....during the ride. Use a timer. I haven't done this since I replaced my bike computer.
2. Ride more....Do at least a 100K the weekend prior to the next long ride.
3. Follow training that works.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wed morning PT

It all started with a 0400 depart time on the bike. I like the early morning rides as it is peaceful and very little traffic. Ride distance: 15.

We started the PT session at 0630 in "boots and utes" with JM and quickly moved into the mulch bag drills.We used 40lb bags of mulch because the were there! ANY CLIMB AND PLACE!

First I demonstrated and taught all of the lifts we would do in the morning. With a little coaching, most everyone looked like they had adequate form to prevent injury.
I planned 5 rounds of the following but, I adjusted and let them get away with 3 rounds. I did the demo and 2 rounds.

clean and press x 5
front squat zercher x 5
lunge x 5 /5
bent row x 5
shoulder to shoulder press and squat
burpee + push up + snatch x 5


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tuesday Monday

A Tuesday Monday is a Tuesday that feels like Monday except it is more hectic. It results from having Monday off. The phenomena only occurs after a 3 or 4 day weekend. If one works on Sat or Sun and takes Mon as a comp-day, it is not the same thing.

Ride: 20
Practice Sand bag workout for tomorrow mornings PT session with the students. This should be pure evil!....Stay tuned for a report.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Furnace Creek 508

My most favorite cycling event, the Furnace Creek 508 was this weekend. It is a test of endurance that takes riders from LA through Death Valley, Baker, Kelso, Amboy and finishing in my old stomping grounds, 29 Palms. This is some of the most brutal country in North America and it is also some of the most beautiful country in the world. I guess the desert grows on you; it becomes a part of you.

Here are some photos from the race. I like this grave yard of DNFs. The route profile will give you an idea of the difficulty of this race.

Friday ride

Ride 30 miles

Almost run over by a driver in a Saturn on a cell phone. My life didn't pass in front of my eyes but I did panic. Luckily, she saw me and stopped with feet to spare. I was going straight and she was turning left...oh I know, I need to go study road laws. Perhaps I didn't have the right away and should have yeilded to the turning vehicle.

How about this: Driver of Saturn, get off the freeking phone and pay attention to the road. I'm sure that attempting to turn 5 seconds later wouldn't make you late. It it did, you should have left for your destination earlier! Or perhaps YOU should go study the drivers rules and regulations better known as laws!

Another note:
This ride put me over the edge. On Friday evening I felt the effects of overtraining. As a result, Sat was a planned rest day and lots of JM!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Do it because it sucks!

Here is part of an interview with David Goggins after an Ultra Triathalon. These are inspiring words and fit the blog's purpose nicely:

Curious as to how the implacable warrior had dealt with the long miles in triathlon's three disciplines, a tri journo asked again what his most painful moments had been. Goggins smiled and the proud Navy SEAL code came out in his answer. "I told you on day one, if it hurt, I'd never tell you," said Goggins. When asked how he had liked his first triathlon, Goggins reiterated more of his core philosophy: "I don't enjoy swimming. I don't enjoy biking. And I do not like running. I did Ultraman because it sucks. That's why I do it. If I liked it, I wouldn't do it. That is what makes us the human beings that we are. If you sat around and watched TV and watched people climb Mt. Everest - don't watch! Do it yourself."

Speaking of 3 mile runs

If this doesn't motivate you, there may be a problem. Pre's short life and running career was absolutely amazing. This guy had wheels and obviously enjoyed pain!

A little jogging

I normally do not run but I still need to pass my semi annual fitness test which includes a 3 mile run. Actually, the MD said don't run. He calls it pain management. Of course, I don't think he has ever run more than a mile or two or he would realize that running 3 miles without training running muscles does not equate to pain management. Thus I will spend a day or so doing a little light jogging and some sprinting. Nothing long, just some distances of 1oom - 800m with rest between the interval. Here is what I did today...I hope I didn't over due it.

Swing: 24K: 2x25
Repeat the next 3x: (I decided to stop, I actually planned 2 or 3 more rounds...I will add in a few weeks)
Jerk 2x24K: 5
pull ups - 5
run .5 mile
(Total 1.5 mi)

Jerk 2 x 5
pull up 2x5
swing: 2x50

During the runs, I really concentrated on form. Hips forward and centered in stride. Leg kick both front and back. The point of these jogs is to learn how to run efficiently without fatigue and injury that result from just running distance. Next run day will be 100m repeats x 6-8.