Thursday, October 4, 2007

A little jogging

I normally do not run but I still need to pass my semi annual fitness test which includes a 3 mile run. Actually, the MD said don't run. He calls it pain management. Of course, I don't think he has ever run more than a mile or two or he would realize that running 3 miles without training running muscles does not equate to pain management. Thus I will spend a day or so doing a little light jogging and some sprinting. Nothing long, just some distances of 1oom - 800m with rest between the interval. Here is what I did today...I hope I didn't over due it.

Swing: 24K: 2x25
Repeat the next 3x: (I decided to stop, I actually planned 2 or 3 more rounds...I will add in a few weeks)
Jerk 2x24K: 5
pull ups - 5
run .5 mile
(Total 1.5 mi)

Jerk 2 x 5
pull up 2x5
swing: 2x50

During the runs, I really concentrated on form. Hips forward and centered in stride. Leg kick both front and back. The point of these jogs is to learn how to run efficiently without fatigue and injury that result from just running distance. Next run day will be 100m repeats x 6-8.

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