Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Almost T-Day

Quick almost Turkey Day update. I know it's Thanksgiving and I have much to be thankful for. That's is another post.

Last week I ran our Combat Fitness Test or should I say survived. I had moderate improvements in the events. I am satisfied with the results although I can do much better with some specific training. It was most likely the last CFT I will have to take though. On to PFT training...

I managed to tweak my back on the left side. Probably from doing the fireman's carry with my neck and back twisted to the left. I knew it would hurt but...hey I had to save my casualty and couldn't stop to fix the position.

Additionally, I managed to injure my R knee. Not certain what I did. It could be a combo of things. Bike saddle dropping 1 inch during a ride? That will do it. Running in boots with no ankle flex? Yup, that too. Hyper extension performing a front kick? Yessiree, that one happened after the knee was already tender. I took some time off training ...REST...

Last night I hit the kettlebells again for a little shock.
Chain---->Clean, front squat, press, swing 2x16k 5 x 5
Chain2---->Clean, high swing, push press 5x5
DL ---> 2 x 20

This morning I did the commute in the drizzle. 2 hrs later:
Warm up then
Chain 2x24---->Clean, front squat, press, swing 5 x 3 -- ok hello..wake up time
Long Cycle Clean and Jerk - 2x16 --->3 x 2,4,6,8,10 - need to move up to 24ks on these.

Did weigh in today. Right where I need to be. Got some more weight to go to hit my goal but I did drop 10+ lbs in the past 3 weeks. cool eh?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Quick Update

A quick update...Busy week, here's the lowdown. I'll post quick updates when I can.

Last night - Sleep study. Perhaps I will get restful rest someday.
Tomorrow - CFT - Moved up from Fri.
Final paper due Fri...

Yesterday's practice:
Get up
Ride - 30

Clean, fsq, press, swing 5x5 - Light day used 16s.

LC jerk - 2 x 2,4,6,8,10 (rest 2 min btw sets.)

DL 2x20

This stuff is much harder when your legs are thrashed from an AM bike ride. I'll keep that in mind.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Still Raining...and Still Training

It has rained more than a foot in the past 3 days. I almost hopped on the bike to go 5 blocks to the post office, then it started raining, again and the wind is still above 40 mph. thus today was a tale of two workouts. I had a little pain during my warm up and corrective drills in the right hammie or glute or both. So I finished the stuff and relaxed. Rest is good right?

This evening, I stared all over again. Z R Phas NWU then corrective drills. I guess I felt ok, then I started the workout. More of the same chins as Wednesday kicked up a notch.

32k swings x 50 + Goblet Squats

Uneven weights...16k & 24k ...rest 1 min btw sets and 2 between chains
clean+front squat+press+swing 5X3
Clean+front squat+push press + swing 5x3
rest 5 min
DL 2 x 20

clean and jerk ladders 1 set of 2...the hammie glute problem was bothering me too much to continue. Save it for next time.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rainy Day Training

A noreaster is blowin' in so my original training plans were awash. So what's a Devil Dog to do?
I'll get to that in a minute.

On Saturday, I attended a RKC only double kettlebell workshop with Geoff Neupert, Sr RKC. It was a great day. We tweeked form on some advanced drills. We learned about the "Sports Tuned Rack" position. All to make things better, more powerful etc. During the 2 days it took to recover, I felt like I had ridden a double century.

As a result, my body is not the say as it was last week. I put on some mass. That's good but not when you are trying to drop lbs. Oh well, muscle eats calories. YUM.

Yesterday I rode 20 miles, did some swings and called it a day. I felt like a million bucks after.

So back to today:
I thought it appropriate to
1.) test my 32k ability. presses are there, 64k squats...um, yea that needs some work. I'll build up to that before the new year.

2) Review all of the evil twisted things Geoff revealed at his workshop. If this doesn't burn some fat, nothing will.

FMS drills ankle mobility, ASLR, Bretzel, Swings, Get up to elbow.
24k swings x 20 + goblet squat - x 5 sts
Clean and press 32k 2x1/1 --
double 32k Clean and jerk + Front Squat x3 - seemed like a good idea at the time. Ego in check.
24k clean and press 4 rung ladders x 5 sets
double 16k ...rest 1 min btw sets and 2 between chains
clean+front squat+press+swing 5X5
Clean+front squat+push press + swing 5x5
clean+ front squat + push press + high pull 5x5
rest 5 min
clean and jerk ladders 3 x 2,4,6,8,10 - 2 min rest between ladders.

Yea that's alot of volume...DON'T all of this. 1 of the chains is enough to smoke you. this is MY practice. I have done it for a reason. I you are dumb enough to do all of this, let me know how you feel!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Are you interested in attending a kettlebell class each week at oceanfront area?

I have some interest and I will probably start a class within the next few weeks. The more the merrier.

Pavel's new book is due out tomorrow. It discusses powerlifting and competition. Sounds interesting.

After my Z Rphase and corrective drills, I hopped on the BMC for my morning commute. Plan was Zone 3 tempo ride. Went well. I find it interesting the more I ride 'slow' and concentrate on form and cadence, the more efficient I become when riding fast. In other words more work with less effort. SWEET. Don't have a power meter so it isn't too scientific...just sayin. (Hear that Santa?) The afternoon ride was more of the same but I pushed it into Zone 4 for a few long intervals. 2010 is going to rock.

Ride: 35

I didn't have time for PT at work today so when I got home I did something I don't really recommend after riding or running - strength training. No worries, I knew the CNS was zapped before I started and changed my mind at least 3 times before I decided on this:

32k - 5x 10swing+8 goblet squats.
5 x 5 wheel roll outs.

Monday, November 2, 2009

No Shortcuts to the Top.

Call me a slacker. No posts last week. I've been training.

Last week I did several rides in Zone 4 & 5. Training in the low end of the zone is just as important as the high intensity training. To become effective at anything, you have to train in all idioms of that event. Fast, medium and slow speeds. Heavy weight, medium weight and lighter weight. In music, high notes, low notes; high volume, medium volume, and soft volume. Doing this provides stimulation across the whole spectrum.

No shortcuts to the top. -- Ed Viesturs

This is the biggest, most important lesson I've learned in the past few years. I knew it deep down but experimenting didn't pay off. Don't let the fitness mags and blogs fool you into thinking some shortcut way to do anything. You might get some training benefits but it just doesn't work. Joe Friel states, as you get closer to your priority events, you have to simulate those events.

Oh and if you would like a list of webs that propose shortcuts, I will provide.

I'm slightly concerned my weight, need to loose lbs before turkey day. Plan is to cut out most processed chow (grain, bread, pasta) and eat green carbs and fruit carbs. Also, I will kick up the training intensity a notch.
Today's training:
Clean and Press 24k 5 rung ladders x 5 sets - Survived.
Kettlebell Complex - (32k) 6 x 5 swing, snatch, front squat - rest 2 min.

ZNWU, various corrective movements
partial getups - 32k - 2x3, 24k 2x5, 16k 1x5

ride on trainer - 30 min. cadence - 100