Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Are you interested in attending a kettlebell class each week at oceanfront area?

I have some interest and I will probably start a class within the next few weeks. The more the merrier.

Pavel's new book is due out tomorrow. It discusses powerlifting and competition. Sounds interesting.

After my Z Rphase and corrective drills, I hopped on the BMC for my morning commute. Plan was Zone 3 tempo ride. Went well. I find it interesting the more I ride 'slow' and concentrate on form and cadence, the more efficient I become when riding fast. In other words more work with less effort. SWEET. Don't have a power meter so it isn't too scientific...just sayin. (Hear that Santa?) The afternoon ride was more of the same but I pushed it into Zone 4 for a few long intervals. 2010 is going to rock.

Ride: 35

I didn't have time for PT at work today so when I got home I did something I don't really recommend after riding or running - strength training. No worries, I knew the CNS was zapped before I started and changed my mind at least 3 times before I decided on this:

32k - 5x 10swing+8 goblet squats.
5 x 5 wheel roll outs.

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