Wednesday, May 20, 2009

June 20 Workshop

Sara Cheatham, M.S., Sr RKC,

Z-Health Master Trainer Intern

collaborates with

Bob Orr, RKC II


Kettlebell Strength Secrets Revealed:

Maximize Strength & Mobility
Minimize Pain & Injury™

Unlock your potential by combining the secrets of
Z-Health & RKC


  • How to combine principles of these top-level training systems to get the most from your training

  • The secrets that separate the elite from the ordinary

  • What you really need to know about mobility & core training

  • How old injuries hold you back and how to fix them

  • How you can “take the breaks off” mentally to break through long-standing performance plateaus

  • How to increase neuropathways to make you quicker, stronger, and super-resilient

  • How to recover faster & optimize efficiency

  • Why working-out for hours on end is counterproductive

  • How to be powerful & pain-free at any age and fitness level!

    Sara Cheatham M.S., Sr. RKC, Z-Health Master Trainer Intern, reveals advanced Russian training secrets behind maximizing strength & injury proofing your body!

    For the first time, discover how to unlock your true athletic potential—using the fundamental principles of both Hard Style Russian kettlebell training & Z-Health Performance Solutions.

    Using this knowledge, you will easily out-perform past PRs and skyrocket your training progress!

What people are saying about training with Sara:

“I owe much of what I learned to Sara’s patience, knowledge, understanding and expertise. Keep spreading your gift.” –Steve, CO

“Sara has a grasp of concepts & principles of training as well as the bigger picture.” Mark ‘Rif,’ CA

“I have the resilience in my back like I did as a wrestler in high school. Well worth my time and money.” Bryan, NV

“My time with you was more valuable than the combined 10 months of physical therapy. I wish I would have heard about ‘this stuff’ sooner!” Brent, NV

“Sara has a passion for what she does & a passion for her clients as well.” Anj, NV.

What the Workshop Covers:

1. Z-Health Neural warm-up 1: Joint -by-joint mobility to pinpoint personal movement inefficiencies to prevent or eliminate pain during and as a result of training; Pain relief and performance enhancement.

2. Pavel's "3 S's:" This goes hand-in-hand with Z-health

3. The RKC Swing & related Z drills:1 arm swing, 2 arm swing, alternating swing, figure 8 swing, double swing and the Z drills to perfect for of the swing. Perfecting drills include tools to find proper spinal alignment from the tail to the neck, head carriage, proper foot and leg placement, optimal shoulder movement throughout the swing.

4. Clean & related Z drills: The clean is a lot like the swing, but with very different execution to get the bell to the rack. You will learn the 1 arm clean, 2 arm clean, bottoms-up clean, double bottoms-up clean, & flip clean

5. Press & related Z drills: Obviously the press is closely linked to the clean. We build the press from the clean drills and use Pavel's irradiation drill to maximize pressing strength. We also look at head and heck carriage throughout the press and the proper Z correction drill, wrist carriage, & how eye position can effect the press. You will learn the 1 arm military press, 2 arm press, bottoms-up press, push press, in line kneeling lunge press, one-leg press, and long cycle press.

6. Front Squat & deadlift & their Z related drills: 1 arm FS, double FS, goblet squat, loaded deadlift, suitcase DL, Sumo DL, one-legged DL. we will cover proper spinal alignment and the corrective Z drills, proper foot and leg placement, using eye position to effect the squat. Corrective Z drills for the deadlift cover proper spine, head, and knee alignment

7. Get-up & related Z drills: We will cover the lunge style GU, OH squat style GU, double GU, and shin roll GU. you will learn Pavel's heel extension drill to maximize upper and lower body connection on the get-up sit-up. We'll cover how to maintain proper spinal alignment throughout the GU.

8. Snatch: Discover how my "volume swings" make learning and executing the snatch a breeze. It is like "steering your strength" as Pavel says, or turning up the volume swing my swing. This is a "threat inoculation" approach to the snatch.

9. Final workout: A final "smoker" to immediately incorporate the learned drills into your training protocol.

Date:20 June 2009

Time: 12:00-5:00

Space is limited, Register before June 14 and receive the Early Bird Rate of $99.

The rate will increase to $150 after this date.

Place: 217 First Colonial Road, Suite #106, Virginia Beach, Virginia, 23454

Sunday, May 10, 2009


It has been a relaxing weekend, a far cry from last several weekends. It is just what I needed but it is time to keep the eye on the prize so training will continue.

Ride 5 x 4/3

Moved the complexes up to 24k. This is a whole new world. The 16s were good to go, they brought positive metabolic changes Can't wait to see what the 24s do. I will work these 2-3 times per week and perhaps some viking mvo2 2-3 times per week. Will continue through June.
Complex: 5 x 3rep of Swing, front squat, clean and press, row 2 min rest. (will add a rep and a set)
Ride: 8x20/10

Fri: off

Ride 8x20/10

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Workshop June 20 2009

Russian Kettlebell and Z Health Workshop

with Sara Cheatham, SR RKC, Z level 4 and myself

June 20, 2009 in Virginia Beach.

Contact me for details.

We will cover the basic kettlebell lifts, then move into more advanced applications including how to incorporate Z Health movement concepts into your workout.

Training Today:
Complex 6 sets 2 min rest
Swing, Snatch, Clean & Press, Row

Ride: 4 x 4 min/3 min (keep HR@80% on work intervals)
Front Plank 5 x 30 on/30 rest

Ride: 16 x 10/20

Swings 16k x 200