Saturday, February 28, 2009

more Practice etc.

Today's practice was more of the same. I took video of each set of each exercise and analyzed my form. It was eye opening. Some things are great and a few other things had deteriorated. Most of the issues were a very simple fix like keeping the elbow locked in the get up.

I did notice one possibly serious movement flaw in the squat. My left knee tends to collapse when I'm fatigued. This was a problem in the past and it has returned. Good thing I know how to fix it!

This brings me to this: if you are training blindly; seek assistance. A trained set of eyeballs can save you thousands in PT bills, surgeries or both. I noticed my problems from a video and know how to fix but I will seek out another RKC to assist me. Mainly because the corrective strategies for the collapsing knee need another set of hands (mine are holding kettlebells).

I've completed the level I, level II RKC courses and have assisted at certifications. Each time my form has been meticulously inspected, scrutinized and corrected (if needed). I've even sent video to other RKCs and Master RKCs for the same beat down. You owe it to yourself to do the same, shoot me a line and we'll work out the details.

TGU practice
Front Squat: 2/24k 5x5
Clean practice
clean and press: 24k 123x5

Ride 35 miles

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I've mentioned foundation before. Building a foundation sets you up for good lifting, mucho improved strength and less injuries. All of these lead to a better lifestyle. Better lifestyle for me is living pain free or as much pain free as I can without eating NSAIDS like Vitamin M. I'm thinking some very important organs, mainly the liver and kidneys may appreciate my thoughtfulness and actually last my lifetime.

Building a foundation is as simple as throwing away the EGO and perfecting movement patterns. Movement patterns are lifts or parts of a lift. It is training the CNS (central nervous system) to allow the body to perform properly. It's like a map (that is what the Z gurus call it). The CNS is like the black box in the cockpit of an aircraft. It tracks or maps all movement good and bad.

Performing movement incorrectly leads to an incorrect map. Instead of finding the burried treasure, you find...pain. The pain probably won't happen today or tommorrow but it will happen. Incorrect movement leads the body to correct with other joints and a wild cycle of compensation and shutting down function leads to loss of movement all together. Three years ago I couldn't put my own socks on due to this phenomon.

A good map allows improved athletic performance for anyone. Elite professional athletes benefit from this and so do those of us who enjoy watching from the couch. I will take any improvement in athleticism I can get and judging from all of the HGH/steroid/EPO users, so will the elite athlete. A proper map is legal!

So I take my vitamin Z drills, and have been rehashing the basic movment patterns under weight. Most recently I've been practicing the Get up with a very easy weight. I've also practiced cleans with a variety of weights. It is paying off as my cleans with heavy weights is becoming more natural.

So practice looks very similar to what I was doing 2 years ago with at least 1 benefit, I don't get DOMS (from these lifts).

Swing 16k x 100
TGU 12k 3 x 5/5, 16k 2 x 5/5 ( I practiced any transition that I didn't feel comfortable in 5x during the first set.
Cleans 5 sets of 3 reps 24k, 32k, 40k
Press 24k 5 sets x 1,1,2 ladders + pull up x 5
Swing - 24k OH 20/20 - 32k x 50 - 40k x 50
Evil wheel - 3x5 + crocadile breathing between sets.

Saved Rounds:
My back pain is present; not this bad since June? or longer.

Monday, February 23, 2009

a week of updates

It's been a little over a week since the last post. Complacent...yes. This is a training update.

In short,I think I have a problem other than the usual chronic pain. I have some sort of imbalance that is causing my adductors to over compensate during running. Yes, I know running sucks and is not the best exercise but as a combat athlete (Marine), running is part of my job so I suck it up and do it. Normally as little as I can get away with. I guess it is part of the puzzle.

The easy solution is don't run. The other solution is to figure out the imbalance and correct it. I'm absolutely certain the solution can be found in something like this hypothetical-fictional Z Health solution: Standing in the Neutral look up through the forehead like the lizards on the Galapagos Is. or Fernando Valenzuela, at the same time rotate only the pinkie finger about 4x each direction. -- Well, I think it's funny! All kidding and exaggeration aside, it's really this easy.

880yd run,
6x100yd run
and some other things.

Swing: 16k x 100
TGU - 12k 5x5/5 - practice!
Cleans 5 x 3reps(16k, 24k, 32k, 40k) - practice
Press - 24k 5 x 1234 -- getting it back
Swing - 32k 2x25, 40k 3x25

Bike - 20/10 x 8

VO2M 20 min @ 8reps


Run - 2.5 mi fartlek with grappling etc. (MCMAP)


C/P 24k x 1,2 (easy)
Front Squat - 2/24k 5x5
Swing - 40k 2x50
-----in hind sight, this second workout was dumb! I felt it all week and a little during today's runs. Need some corrective something in the adductor area. Me thinks me has an ailment.

Mon -
Z - rest; lots of sleep

Sun -
Ride: 134 miles - yes this is correct and it was cold.

Sat -
TGU 12k 5x5/5

Ride: 20

ride : 20

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Today ended up a rest day but I did have to move all of the boxes in the picture. That is the picture of pain.

I practiced Z this morning. Amazingly it released some pain and stiffness. Cool eh? I plan to practice some more Z before I hit the rack. Lots of ankle work, ok, I will hit the whole body again.

Full training day tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Beat-Down Continues

90% of the time when I talk about training, I'm actually practicing an activity. This week is different with more training or beat down than practice. Yesterday we did more CFT training er...practice. When I got home, I practiced heavy kettlebell snatches. This morning a 20 mile bike ride with plenty o' sprinting and this evening, I got a nice beat-down at MCMAP.

This is what all of the practice and conditioning with kettlebells allows me to accomplish. I am very thankful that I work them hard. I recover quickly after grappling rounds -- great when fresh bodies are bringing it to you. It also lets me have a huge smile during cohesion drills. Most of all it is great to have conditioning that is superior to most. Notice I didn't say all!

I should add one tidbit. I am beat!

Ride 20 mi. several sprints
Z drills

880 yd run., Press, MANUF
Snatch 5 rounds - 5x16, 24, 32

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Almond Butter Cookies

I made the almond butter cookies. They are good and light. They have just enough almond flavor; it isn't overwhelming.

I am not a fan of Splenda as it always leaves an after taste. These cookies do leave the Splenda after taste. I will make these again and will even try with peanut butter.

Time for updates

Ok, so I need to get better at these updates and I will.

In the mean time, I've just spent the last 30 min checking out Nutrition Solutions Blog. This is full of fantastic and very important information from a RD and fellow RKC. Check it out!

Not only does Georgie, the author, provide and discuss important nutrition scoop, she gives recipes that look delicious (and healthy). In fact I think I will try this out tonight!

This is from Georgie's Site:
Almond Butter Cookies
1/4 c almond butter
8 pkts Splenda
2T egg beaters
1/4 tsp baking soda

Preheat oven to 325, and spray a cookie sheet with nonstick spray. Mix all the ingredients until smooth. Drop into 6 equal portions on cookie sheet. Bake at 325 for 7-8 minutes. Mmmmmmm. (Don't have almond butter? Use PB. It still rocks. )

Now for the training update:
Ride: 35 mi. (5 laps on W Great Neck bridge)(5 laps on Ft Story Rollers)
rest 3 hrs
TGU 5/5 (16k) + 50 swings (32k)

Ride: 25 miles

Run 880 yds + 2 min ammo can lift

Vo2 Max x 20 sets - I ran out of time.

Off - I had watch. Lots of walking and stair climbing. Next month I should use a flack vest for my tours...

Everyday: Z drills!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Ok, so the lack of power in yesterdays workout must have been due to illness. I woke this morning feeling a under the weather. Today was not fun. I skipped my kb workout today...(VO2 scheduled -- sorry Sandy). Saved the little energy I had for MCMAP this afternoon.

When I got home from work, I felt ok and thought that I would probably feel guilty if I didn't do something. So I hopped on the bike for 10x30 sec (hard)/1:30 sec (rest).

Monday, February 2, 2009

Practice today and update

I took break for a couple days -- kinda -- because we moved. I could not have done a workout and moved all of our stuff and still train this week. I was wasted by the end of Saturday and have tweaked my back. Of course it is the same area that has hurt for 4 years. That is good news because I know what to do to get back to normal.

During my snatch practice today I had no power and felt my back on every rep. I also noticed my entire left side was compensating. In other words my hips did not fire. I cut back on the reps then added several sets of swings. Of course I could just have no energy because of the crap I ate yesterday.

OAJerk 32k on the min 5 reps alternating arms - 10 min.
5 min rest
Snatch: 24k 5 min - 3 x 11/11, 2 x 5/5 = 86 (it was hard but I hit my numbers)
then - 2 min x swing

bike: 8x20:10 standing on every interval

Sat - off - znwu
Friday - znwu
Thursday - Bike 20:10x8 - MVO2 x 35sets
Wednesday - Bike 2 min on: 1 min off x 10