Saturday, February 28, 2009

more Practice etc.

Today's practice was more of the same. I took video of each set of each exercise and analyzed my form. It was eye opening. Some things are great and a few other things had deteriorated. Most of the issues were a very simple fix like keeping the elbow locked in the get up.

I did notice one possibly serious movement flaw in the squat. My left knee tends to collapse when I'm fatigued. This was a problem in the past and it has returned. Good thing I know how to fix it!

This brings me to this: if you are training blindly; seek assistance. A trained set of eyeballs can save you thousands in PT bills, surgeries or both. I noticed my problems from a video and know how to fix but I will seek out another RKC to assist me. Mainly because the corrective strategies for the collapsing knee need another set of hands (mine are holding kettlebells).

I've completed the level I, level II RKC courses and have assisted at certifications. Each time my form has been meticulously inspected, scrutinized and corrected (if needed). I've even sent video to other RKCs and Master RKCs for the same beat down. You owe it to yourself to do the same, shoot me a line and we'll work out the details.

TGU practice
Front Squat: 2/24k 5x5
Clean practice
clean and press: 24k 123x5

Ride 35 miles

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