Thursday, June 28, 2007

Power to the People Style

Today's workout was almost a page from Pavel's book Power to the People. I actually preformed the bench press today for the second time this year. I can say that I haven't really lost strength. It actually increased. Hard to tell because my "groove" is way out of wack. Perhaps I will spend the next few week and actually do the PTP workouts. They work!

bench 3x135 (the weight flew), 2x185 (need work)
DL 185 + pullup (bw) 5x5 - NO REST (last pullup was tough)

ROW - 400m hard, 200m rest, 400 hard, 200 rest

The rowing machine will put some hair on your chest. It is one of the most demanding pieces of equipment in the gym. Try it often, go hard. You won't regret it...when you get done cursing me!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Rest and the workout cycle

One could consider my lack of workouts as skating. After all, until today, I had only touched a kettlebell 3 times in two weeks...and the week before that was only some "light" swinging for the most part. You can look back through this blog and decide if it is light or not. Me, I think - light. I also feel like I have been skating a little. On the other hand, I had to rest before my physical fitness test. No problem, rest = better performance.

This morning, I came up with an idea. I have been analyzing the past 6 months training and debating how or what to change; if anything. I have a couple different ideas. It is obvious that I neglected some aspects of training and I will begin to really thrash my cardio vascular system. I will take away some days of swings and kick it up with more snatches. Then some more snatches.

So, the plan is ride bike, snatches, running sprints, pullups (of course), presses, handstands. Basically, the structure of my workouts is solid. Just add snatches!

What about the workout cycle. I get long weekends for holidays and use them as back off weeks or days. Then build up again. It is a simple trick to ensure you are cycling intensity. The CNS will not allow you to just build and increase intensity for ever. Attempts to do this will result in over training, fatigue and injury; in other words, in an attempt to survive, your body will SHUT DOWN.

Ride: 15 quick

Pullup: 24K - 5x3 + handstand
Clean/press: 24K - 5x5 + pullup x 5
Swing: 3x20

Ride: 15 serious head wind from the south. OUCH.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sunday Ride

Late Entry:
On Sunday I sucked up the leg pain and went for a short ride to the Pungo Ferry Bridge and rode over it a couple times. It is the largest hill for cyclists in the Hampton Roads area. I really considered returning home at about 15 miles into the ride. Still some DOMS.

Man, I have to watch my rest days and ensure I take them. The lesson? You can take 1
day off from training to recover from a tough workout or you can have 5 days of crap workouts because of over training and injury.

65 miles; time: 3.5 hrs.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

PFT Aftermath

So, today the aftermath of yesterday's run kicked in. I got up this morning feeling ok, hopped on the bike. A little sore but nothing I haven't had to deal with before. I sat at my desk and drank my recovery drink. When I stood up, I felt it...DOMS and it kept getting worse as the day progressed. The plan for tomorrow? R&R and stretching, yup gotta recover.

ride: 15 fairly easy spin

clean squat press 24K/2 x 5 + pull up - 5x5 (squats were killer, either I have gotten weak or it is aftermath)
Swing 24K 3x10 - nice and easy

Ride: 15 - did 4 sprints...big gear trying to spin it out. 2 blocks ea.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Physical Fitness Test

Well today was the day for the physical fitness test. The test consists of a 3 mile run, two minutes crunches and pullups (dead hang). I showed no improvement from the last test. Let me explain a little.

Pull ups - 17 pullups. Remain the same. This is disappointing because I really worked hard on this event. The ones I did manage to kick out were pretty! They were easy too. I still think I can do more without too much training. Perhaps I should not have done Mondays workout; used it as a rest day. I will max this (20 reps) this year. Another idea is to do a max set periodically say 3 - 4 weeks. I'll give it a shot.

Crunch - 100. Well, I can say that I have only done 200 crunches this year. I knocked out a set a few weeks ago just to ease my mind. The payoff? Sore back, well it was sore anyway! This is the maximum for the test. YAY!

Run: 27:something. This year's running total 3 miles. My back will not tolerate the pounding so I've been instructed by the DOC to lay off. Just following orders. I should probably do some short distance running say 100m - 800m. I will incorporate a day every week or two at a minimum during the second half of the year.

Result: score 227. This is a first class score by any standard; young man(225) or old man(200). I guess I am happy about that.

What does this mean? Just another training day!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Pullup day

Today we decided to work on....Pull ups...DUH! This workout format was not plesant.

Ride 15

Pullup: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 - execute each set on the minute. Failed somewhere during 10
Handstands - 5 (3 set of presses)
Swing 32K: 5x20

Ride 15

Lost 4lbs today. Drinking water to replenish and flush.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Almost a workout

Pullup - 5 x 12

Resting today, I'm teaching a kettlebell seminar tomorrow at the Downtown Gym in Norfolk, VA. The seminar will be fairly taxing physically, it is always good to rest the day prior to doing one of these. It is so simple to over do it. Need some energy for Sunday's long ride.

Everyone has a plan; often they just don't know it.
My plan is to do my training/teaching this weekend. Monday will be some very light training; perhaps a bike ride. Tuesday will be an off day for rest and recovery. Wednesday is a physical fitness test. It is the culmination of the entire year of training. I will get to see if my plan has been adequate or if I need to make a few adjustments.

I do have a plan for the next 6 months of the year. It was planned during my yearly plan in January. I am always flexible and will modify if necessary to achieve the yearly goals. I also need to look at next years goals (already) and ensure my training is working in that direction as well.

Yesterday's workout:
Pullups 12x5
Ride 15 miles.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Good Programs

The best program or routine is the one that you stick with consistently. Some people are always seeking the perfect routine for them. They fail to look at what they are doing, evaluating the routine over a period of time. There are several programs that will increase size, strength and endurance or perhaps all three. The key is to give them enough time; perhaps 5 cycles or 6 months. After a long period it is possible to see gains.If you only give a program a few weeks or a couple months, you will not begin to see the results.

This is especially true when you are not honest with yourself. Be honest with your goals, your plan to achieve those goals and your actual execution of the plan. If you lie to yourself, you will always be searching for something that is right in front of your face.

Heck, I have fallen into this trap before and still slip once in a while. I end up doing something for a few days or a week that I know is not the most productive activity. As I grow wiser, I tend to realize what is happening before too much time is wasted or injury occurs. I return to the stuff that works.

So, what works?
There are a few works on my website that I absolutely recommend. In a nutshell, the workouts in Pavel's Enter the Kettlebell work. There are two listed in the book along with some tests. Do the ROP and ETK and you will see size, strength and endurance gains. There is no need to look further. If you don't have the books, visit my website and get a copy. If you have read ETK already, read it again and again. Pavel's works are packed with knowledge and you will get something new from it every time you read; especially if you give it a few months!

Here is another option: Take the guess work out of your training and let me tell you what to do. I will do it for cheap, I will hold your feet to the fire and you will get strong!

Ride: 4am: 15mi. (dark riding, good practice)

Pt with Marines:
pullups - 3x5
Hanging leg raises (demonstrate various)
Hindu Squat - demonstrating
Pushups demo

Ride: 15 miles

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Rebuild, Restructure - go for new peak Day 1

Today is the first real day of rebuilding/restructuring in the attempt for new fitness peaks. My peaks should be in strength and endurance in both the bicycle and weight disciplines. I am in the valley looking up. Oh and I ain't scar't. Humble...maybe.

The ROP workout was a rude awakening. The first two sets were done with the 16K kettlebell and high volume. Not a problem! I used the light weight to ensure my form is prefect before moving to larger weights. When I got to the 24K, it was a little more challenging. The goal was to complete round of windmill and swing without the kettlebell touching the ground. After the swings were completed in each set, I realized how great of a workout this is. I am excited to do this more. I will be doing the 32K soon (probably Friday)!

By the way, follow this link to a video that will motivate and humble you at the same time. The video is of RKC,SR Brett Jones. I got much work to do!

Also, The Race Across America (RAAM) began on Sunday. This is real ultra cycling. The race is non stop from Oceanside CA (OOHRAH) to Atlantic City, NJ. The solo riders will probably sleep 2-3 hrs per day and complete the race in about 8 days. Today they are riding through Colorado right now and should be at the Durango check point around 9pm. The team riders will begin in OC tomorrow morning.

Ride 15 - 2 hard efforts.

Pullup - BW 3x10
TGU+swing 5 sets. See above for details.

Ride 15 - 4 hard efforts. I really pushed the pace this afternoon.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Off the Couch after a needed lay off

Today I resumed training after a needed lay off. I felt good all day; through all 3 workouts. I have a plan to rebuild and I didn't quite follow it today but it was a good Monday workout anyway. Tomorrow I will begin my plan. Pullups (of course) along with the RKC Right of Passage workout (ROP). The ROP is get ups and swings. That is all. Not too difficult. Right?

Ride 15

Pull up: bw - 1x5: 4x10
Handstand x 10 (5 on parallettes)
Swing 2x20

Ride 15

Friday, June 8, 2007

Active Recovery

It is often better to do a little something rather than nothing when you are tired, sore or over trained. A little something doesn't mean hard exertion. It can be as simple as a walk, joint mobility or stretching. Not good to strain the CNS when it is already beat down. The result is often poor performance or even injury.
On the other hand, getting the blood flowing a little will help heal strained muscles. Fresh blood is like a combat "log train." A log train is the convoy that delivers supplies to front line or advancing troops. This was done masterfully by the 1st Marine Division in OIF. Supplies delivered include beans, bullets and band aids. Actually, food, fuel, ammunition and mail once in a while. Like wise your blood brings oxygen healthy oxygen and nutrients needed for rebuilding and removes toxins like ammonia. Ammonia is bad!

Windmills 16K 5x5
BW squats - (rock bottom)
Pistols 16k (a few)

Thursday, June 7, 2007


Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness...

YUP...That is what I got going on today. Actually not too bad until I sit on my butt too long. Then I have to get warmed up all over again.

I have also began cleaning up my diet a little more. Hopefully fire up the furnace to drop some more fat. I don't normally worry about losing weight as long as the bf% keeps dropping. I will mention that all of the carb loading in the past month has caused some added weight. It isn't on the waist...good thing! I guess it isn't too bad then. Right?

Workout: - difficult, still tired. Sucked it up and did it any way.
Pullup - 5x5
Handstand push up - 5x1
Swing #70: 1x20, 3x10/10, 2x10

workout yesterday

Did the crossfit workout "Angie." Angie includes the following exercises in the prescribed order.
Pullup x 100
pushup x 100
situp x 100
bw squat x 100
I completed the workout in 28:03. Not a great time but it is in the ball park.

Hindsight: I should have done a lighter workout yesterday. This has caused some serious DOMS and fatigue especially coming off Saturday's workout.

Stretching - 30 Min. probably adding to my pain today!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

600K Morisville (Raleigh) to Wilmington

Well, here is the good news. I set a new PR for 300K, making it to Wilmington in just under 15 hours; about an hour less then last month's 300k. The bad news - I abandoned the ride at this point. When I arrived at the 100K check point, my back started giving me problems, actually I felt it briefly on Thursday afternoon and didn't think anything of it. A sharp surge of pain originating in the L3-L4 region shooting through the left lumbar muscles. It is especially bad when standing on the pedals. Standing on the pedals is necessary to relieve pressure on the butt. Actually, I would have stopped at 200K but there was no phone reception and I kept moving.

Shortly after the 200k mark, it began to rain. A little background, the morning was sunny and warm. There was a slight wind from the south east. Once it began to rain it didn't stop. It was 4 hours of rain; almost non-stop. I would have been drier if I was in a swimming pool! It was pretty crazy.

I may have lost some cycling specific fitness recovering from the knee injury. I had a rough time keeping up with the main group and fell off the back within the first 15 miles or so.

How to improve:
I simply need more miles on the legs. The base is good right now but I will back off a little and build back up. I will be better, stronger and faster. Becoming lighter is a great way to improve also. Not really a priority right now however, I will keep it on the back of my mind. Discipline with the diet would make this very simple.

Here is the concept: improve power with the same amount of work. P=w/t or P=fd/t Using these formulas (remember physics class?) you can see the only way to achieve this is to improve force. The more newtons applied to the pedal, the quicker I will be. Easy enough concept; right?

Power - sprints and hills. Ride with groups a few times monthly. Also add squat and pistols back into workouts.

Maintain endurance - do at least 1 century or brevet each month. I have Jun, Aug and Sep planned already. Get to the mountains and ride periodically. In a nut shell, in the ultra distance world, endurance and efficiency are very closely related.

Practice riding with ALL gear. It is a little different and may have contributed to slower average speed.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Friday AM - gear list

Yesterday was a rest day and I rested. I actually began getting all of my gear for the ride ready. Preparation requires a detailed checklist. List: bike, shoes, helmet, reflective gear, hydration gear. Ready to go. Right? Wrong there is more to this than jumping on a bicycle for 30 hours. Jumping on a bicycle for 30 hours unsupported takes some planning and there is some essential gear. 782 gear/lbv, 2 canteens, first aid kit, pack, tent, extra cammies, socks...Oh wrong list!

Here is a partial list of the gear I have been prepping.
Rain coat, reflective vest, reflective ankle straps, helmet, (2 pr)gloves, (2)jersey, (2)undershirt, (2pair)wool socks, shoes, arm warmers, leg warmers, wind vest, glasses, extra lenses

Fenders, bicycle, water bottles for food, camelbak (100oz), rack, rack bag, pump, CO2 canisters, multi tools, 2 tubes, patch kit, first aid kit, electrical tape, tire levers, cue sheet case, cue sheets (enlarged font), main head light, 2 tail lights, spare light, batteries AA and AAA.

Food - Perpetuem, Hammer Gel, endurolites, pain relievers/NSAID, bananas??

There is more, just can't remember off the top of my head...ooh, sun screen! Shower gear will be placed in a drop bag so I can get cleaned up after the first 300K. Soap, towel, shower shoes, chamois cream, tooth brush/tooth paste.

Debating on shoe covers. It is supposed to be a very wet weekend.See (look at Raleigh and wilmington, NC). There is a tropical depression getting ready to hit Fl and should move on up the coast. Yuck! It is dry and we really need the moisture, my 70# kettlebell actually bounces in the grass.

The bag I packed all this gear in is rather heavy. I don't know if I really want to carry it all on the bike. Most of it is necessary. Heck, the camelbak full is supposed to weigh 8 lbs.

We will head to NC after someone gets up from her AM beauty rest.