Friday, June 8, 2007

Active Recovery

It is often better to do a little something rather than nothing when you are tired, sore or over trained. A little something doesn't mean hard exertion. It can be as simple as a walk, joint mobility or stretching. Not good to strain the CNS when it is already beat down. The result is often poor performance or even injury.
On the other hand, getting the blood flowing a little will help heal strained muscles. Fresh blood is like a combat "log train." A log train is the convoy that delivers supplies to front line or advancing troops. This was done masterfully by the 1st Marine Division in OIF. Supplies delivered include beans, bullets and band aids. Actually, food, fuel, ammunition and mail once in a while. Like wise your blood brings oxygen healthy oxygen and nutrients needed for rebuilding and removes toxins like ammonia. Ammonia is bad!

Windmills 16K 5x5
BW squats - (rock bottom)
Pistols 16k (a few)

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