Thursday, June 21, 2007

PFT Aftermath

So, today the aftermath of yesterday's run kicked in. I got up this morning feeling ok, hopped on the bike. A little sore but nothing I haven't had to deal with before. I sat at my desk and drank my recovery drink. When I stood up, I felt it...DOMS and it kept getting worse as the day progressed. The plan for tomorrow? R&R and stretching, yup gotta recover.

ride: 15 fairly easy spin

clean squat press 24K/2 x 5 + pull up - 5x5 (squats were killer, either I have gotten weak or it is aftermath)
Swing 24K 3x10 - nice and easy

Ride: 15 - did 4 sprints...big gear trying to spin it out. 2 blocks ea.

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