Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Physical Fitness Test

Well today was the day for the physical fitness test. The test consists of a 3 mile run, two minutes crunches and pullups (dead hang). I showed no improvement from the last test. Let me explain a little.

Pull ups - 17 pullups. Remain the same. This is disappointing because I really worked hard on this event. The ones I did manage to kick out were pretty! They were easy too. I still think I can do more without too much training. Perhaps I should not have done Mondays workout; used it as a rest day. I will max this (20 reps) this year. Another idea is to do a max set periodically say 3 - 4 weeks. I'll give it a shot.

Crunch - 100. Well, I can say that I have only done 200 crunches this year. I knocked out a set a few weeks ago just to ease my mind. The payoff? Sore back, well it was sore anyway! This is the maximum for the test. YAY!

Run: 27:something. This year's running total 3 miles. My back will not tolerate the pounding so I've been instructed by the DOC to lay off. Just following orders. I should probably do some short distance running say 100m - 800m. I will incorporate a day every week or two at a minimum during the second half of the year.

Result: score 227. This is a first class score by any standard; young man(225) or old man(200). I guess I am happy about that.

What does this mean? Just another training day!

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