Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Rebuild, Restructure - go for new peak Day 1

Today is the first real day of rebuilding/restructuring in the attempt for new fitness peaks. My peaks should be in strength and endurance in both the bicycle and weight disciplines. I am in the valley looking up. Oh and I ain't scar't. Humble...maybe.

The ROP workout was a rude awakening. The first two sets were done with the 16K kettlebell and high volume. Not a problem! I used the light weight to ensure my form is prefect before moving to larger weights. When I got to the 24K, it was a little more challenging. The goal was to complete round of windmill and swing without the kettlebell touching the ground. After the swings were completed in each set, I realized how great of a workout this is. I am excited to do this more. I will be doing the 32K soon (probably Friday)!

By the way, follow this link to a video that will motivate and humble you at the same time. The video is of RKC,SR Brett Jones. I got much work to do!

Also, The Race Across America (RAAM) began on Sunday. This is real ultra cycling. The race is non stop from Oceanside CA (OOHRAH) to Atlantic City, NJ. The solo riders will probably sleep 2-3 hrs per day and complete the race in about 8 days. Today they are riding through Colorado right now and should be at the Durango check point around 9pm. The team riders will begin in OC tomorrow morning.

Ride 15 - 2 hard efforts.

Pullup - BW 3x10
TGU+swing 5 sets. See above for details.

Ride 15 - 4 hard efforts. I really pushed the pace this afternoon.

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