Thursday, June 28, 2007

Power to the People Style

Today's workout was almost a page from Pavel's book Power to the People. I actually preformed the bench press today for the second time this year. I can say that I haven't really lost strength. It actually increased. Hard to tell because my "groove" is way out of wack. Perhaps I will spend the next few week and actually do the PTP workouts. They work!

bench 3x135 (the weight flew), 2x185 (need work)
DL 185 + pullup (bw) 5x5 - NO REST (last pullup was tough)

ROW - 400m hard, 200m rest, 400 hard, 200 rest

The rowing machine will put some hair on your chest. It is one of the most demanding pieces of equipment in the gym. Try it often, go hard. You won't regret it...when you get done cursing me!

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