Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Rest and the workout cycle

One could consider my lack of workouts as skating. After all, until today, I had only touched a kettlebell 3 times in two weeks...and the week before that was only some "light" swinging for the most part. You can look back through this blog and decide if it is light or not. Me, I think - light. I also feel like I have been skating a little. On the other hand, I had to rest before my physical fitness test. No problem, rest = better performance.

This morning, I came up with an idea. I have been analyzing the past 6 months training and debating how or what to change; if anything. I have a couple different ideas. It is obvious that I neglected some aspects of training and I will begin to really thrash my cardio vascular system. I will take away some days of swings and kick it up with more snatches. Then some more snatches.

So, the plan is ride bike, snatches, running sprints, pullups (of course), presses, handstands. Basically, the structure of my workouts is solid. Just add snatches!

What about the workout cycle. I get long weekends for holidays and use them as back off weeks or days. Then build up again. It is a simple trick to ensure you are cycling intensity. The CNS will not allow you to just build and increase intensity for ever. Attempts to do this will result in over training, fatigue and injury; in other words, in an attempt to survive, your body will SHUT DOWN.

Ride: 15 quick

Pullup: 24K - 5x3 + handstand
Clean/press: 24K - 5x5 + pullup x 5
Swing: 3x20

Ride: 15 serious head wind from the south. OUCH.

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