Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Good Programs

The best program or routine is the one that you stick with consistently. Some people are always seeking the perfect routine for them. They fail to look at what they are doing, evaluating the routine over a period of time. There are several programs that will increase size, strength and endurance or perhaps all three. The key is to give them enough time; perhaps 5 cycles or 6 months. After a long period it is possible to see gains.If you only give a program a few weeks or a couple months, you will not begin to see the results.

This is especially true when you are not honest with yourself. Be honest with your goals, your plan to achieve those goals and your actual execution of the plan. If you lie to yourself, you will always be searching for something that is right in front of your face.

Heck, I have fallen into this trap before and still slip once in a while. I end up doing something for a few days or a week that I know is not the most productive activity. As I grow wiser, I tend to realize what is happening before too much time is wasted or injury occurs. I return to the stuff that works.

So, what works?
There are a few works on my website that I absolutely recommend. In a nutshell, the workouts in Pavel's Enter the Kettlebell work. There are two listed in the book along with some tests. Do the ROP and ETK and you will see size, strength and endurance gains. There is no need to look further. If you don't have the books, visit my website and get a copy. If you have read ETK already, read it again and again. Pavel's works are packed with knowledge and you will get something new from it every time you read; especially if you give it a few months!

Here is another option: Take the guess work out of your training and let me tell you what to do. I will do it for cheap, I will hold your feet to the fire and you will get strong!

Ride: 4am: 15mi. (dark riding, good practice)

Pt with Marines:
pullups - 3x5
Hanging leg raises (demonstrate various)
Hindu Squat - demonstrating
Pushups demo

Ride: 15 miles

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