Friday, June 1, 2007

Friday AM - gear list

Yesterday was a rest day and I rested. I actually began getting all of my gear for the ride ready. Preparation requires a detailed checklist. List: bike, shoes, helmet, reflective gear, hydration gear. Ready to go. Right? Wrong there is more to this than jumping on a bicycle for 30 hours. Jumping on a bicycle for 30 hours unsupported takes some planning and there is some essential gear. 782 gear/lbv, 2 canteens, first aid kit, pack, tent, extra cammies, socks...Oh wrong list!

Here is a partial list of the gear I have been prepping.
Rain coat, reflective vest, reflective ankle straps, helmet, (2 pr)gloves, (2)jersey, (2)undershirt, (2pair)wool socks, shoes, arm warmers, leg warmers, wind vest, glasses, extra lenses

Fenders, bicycle, water bottles for food, camelbak (100oz), rack, rack bag, pump, CO2 canisters, multi tools, 2 tubes, patch kit, first aid kit, electrical tape, tire levers, cue sheet case, cue sheets (enlarged font), main head light, 2 tail lights, spare light, batteries AA and AAA.

Food - Perpetuem, Hammer Gel, endurolites, pain relievers/NSAID, bananas??

There is more, just can't remember off the top of my head...ooh, sun screen! Shower gear will be placed in a drop bag so I can get cleaned up after the first 300K. Soap, towel, shower shoes, chamois cream, tooth brush/tooth paste.

Debating on shoe covers. It is supposed to be a very wet weekend.See (look at Raleigh and wilmington, NC). There is a tropical depression getting ready to hit Fl and should move on up the coast. Yuck! It is dry and we really need the moisture, my 70# kettlebell actually bounces in the grass.

The bag I packed all this gear in is rather heavy. I don't know if I really want to carry it all on the bike. Most of it is necessary. Heck, the camelbak full is supposed to weigh 8 lbs.

We will head to NC after someone gets up from her AM beauty rest.

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