Wednesday, September 26, 2007

RKC II and Training Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday

I think I am going to enroll for the level II RKC that takes place in June. I wanted to go this year but I think next year will be better. More training, more perfection will yield less pain at the cert. The cert focuses on pull ups, pistols, clean and jerk, bent press and some great trainer classes like miofacial release points and functional movement screening. This stuff is just the bread and butter of training. Real-man exercises which are guarenteed to take training to the next level. Perhaps I will have to start practicing the jerks one day per week...

I put the workshop in my check out basket this evening. That is always the first step. I will actually purchase in the next couple weeks.Heck, now that I think about it, I need to just purchase the thing so I have some focus in my training. I am going, who am I trying to fool.

Monday -
Pull up 3x8

Tuesday -
Swing: 32K 3x25
Ride: 15

6 rounds:
Front Squat 2:24K 5,5 + SeeSaw Press - 24K 5x5
Pull up 6x6

Wednesday -
Ride: (0400) - 15
PT at work. Pull ups - 6x5 + hanging leg raises 6x5
pushups - 5x20,
Clap push ups - 3x10 (did 1 clapping behind back)
Pistols 1,1am....1,1pm NO COUNTER WEIGHT YIPPIE

The pistols are exciting. I can do with counter weight up to 32K. I just didn't have enough flexibility to do it sans balance. This is exactly what I need to get me psyched up to do the RKC II.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tue and Wed workouts

Missed these entries:

Ride 18
Clean, Press, 24K 5x1,2,3,
Pull up: BW 5x8
Airborn Lunges: 8x5


Pull up: 3x10

Speed Racer

"Hey Speed, let's get up and go ride with the Contes racers."
Yes, Racer X was present, and very fast!

We flew around the loop in about an hour and this was the slower group. We picked up stragglers from the "a" group for the last 6 miles. It should be the a++ group and the a group. We flew over the Lesner Bridge at 22mph. I felt fine on this but within a mile I was feeling it. It took the next 3 miles to get back to normal. I decided to forgo the second loop and stop at 25 miles. I really can't afford to be drained all day because I let the T...get the better of me. I have to finish my scenario project on future trends for B school.

Ride: 25
Swing: 3x25 (32K)
Pull up 2x10

Monday, September 17, 2007

Beggin' for misery

Today proved to be a physical drain. Many contributing factors! Last night's workout and lack of proper recovery meal is part of the problem. Of course there is the breezy weather that seems to plague me on commutes lately. I felt the wind on the ride but not all that bad, it just kept my average speed down a little. Not to mention last night's workout itself. I guess every little bit adds up. Now I am ready to get some sleep and try it all again tomorrow. With a longer ride etc. Beggin' for misery - I guess.

Swing 32K: 2x25
Ride: 15

Pull up: 16K 5x1,2 (wanted to do 123 but I needed to get the groove of doing these with weight)
airborn lunges: 5x5 (feeling this)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Visit to Crossfit VB

This afternoon I went to an open house at Crossfit VB. I did NOT do the WOD. The WOD was 20 min of 10 burpies + 15 wall ball + 20 jump pullups (numbers could have been slightly different). Not too bad as Pat and Thomi were introducing some people new to Crossfit to the pleasure of the system. I stood there and watched as I thought it was very entertaining. One dude even had an introduction to 'Pukie.' In all, I thought most of the victims put in a good effort. It is a good thing I had inappropriate footwear or I might have joined them. It is never good when the adrenaline gets the better part of the ego. I usually regret it!

It is a nice facility and I can't wait to begin training there. I will also be conducting some kettlebell workshops at Crossfit VB. The first workshop will be in November; the exact date will be finalized soon....Stay Tuned.

In lieu of and inspired by the WOD, I did the following workout:

Swing: 32K 2x25
5 rounds: pull up x 5 + pistol 16K 1,1
5 rounds: clean & press 32K: 1L,1R,1L,1R,1L,1R + front squat 32K x 5
Swing: 32K: 5 min of 15 sec on, 15 off sec

Friday, September 14, 2007

Wednesday late entry

On Wednesday, I did a 0400 ride, then PT (some jogging, push ups, pull ups, bw squats etc). Then I did my PT. Good stuff. I love riding the route to work at this time in the morning, very little traffic. Nobody trying to run you off the road. It is peaceful and quiet. On the other hand, I am NOT a morning person. I detest getting out of bed at 0330. Although, like anything else, I could get used to it. I would just have to go to sleep earlier.

Ride: 17
Pullups: 5x5
Front Squat: 24k(2) 7x5
clean and press 24K 5x1234 ladders
Swing: 2x25

Notes: Thurs, only pullups 5x5
Fri: 0ff - planned on a 200k this weekend thus a slight taper. Not doing the ride for another week or two. Tomorrow will be some KB training with mucho squats sets of 32k after some pistols. Then presses and swings. If it isn't raining, ride 40 - 60 miles tomorrow. Sunday KB training.

There, I wrote it , now I have to do it!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Ride: 15 - rough head wind

Swing: 2x20
Set: 5 rounds
Pull up x 5
Clean & Press: 32K - 1L, 1R, 1L, 1R
Front Squat: 32K - x 5

3 rounds:
Swing 32K x 20
Evil Wheel x 5

No training today.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Misc. Workouts

Past few days:

Thursday: Ride 20 - fast
Saturday: Ride 30
Swing: 32K 5x10
Squat: 32K 5x5
Press: 32K 5x1/1

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Thick Skin

Yesterday, I stated I had soft skin. I am wrong. So here is the problem, I have a blister located under the callous and the skin hasn't ripped yet. It will be a relief when it does. In the mean time, more soaking etc.

I really feel yesterday's pull ups. It is to be expected, time away from training is not wise. Let me make a prediction, I will be back to my early year strength and volume levels in the next two weeks. I haven't really lost too much conditioning and simply need to get the groove back.

Pull up: 5x5 + handstand
Front Squat 2x24K: 5x5 (feel good, still have the groove)
Clean and Press 24K: 5x1,2,3 ladders (considered doing 4 rungs. Will do on Friday and all of next week.)
Swing 24K: 5x15 + hanging leg raise 5x5

One positive note, I was able to loose weakness today. Since my training comrades have all moved from the area, I have lacked motivation to train. During the squats and presses, I just went into a zone and I wasn't stopping until I finished. This is a good thing.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Soft Skin and VO2 workout

Yikes, I guess a couple two or three weeks away from the kettlebell snatches made the skin on my hands weak. I ended today's workout a little short...5 min. because I didn't want to thrash my left hand. Now it is time for a hand soak, some sanding and finish off with the Corn Husker's Lotion. This remedy takes soft girly man hands and makes them into resilient tools.

Pull up: 5x5 - this started off the callous pain.
Snatch - VO2 15 on, 15 off x 15/15 sets of 7. (Went back to 7s and will build up.)

Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day

It is Labor Day and I can assure you I haven't labored!

Ride: 30 mi.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Hitting the Weakness

It you suck at something - get better at it! This is hard to do so most people don't.

If you always work on things you are good at - you probably won't make huge improvements. This is easy to do because it is in the comfort zone.

Go do the things you are weak at. This works for anything. Check it out:
Want to squat better - do squats.
Want to run better - run.
Want to make better coffee - make coffee.
Want to expand your knowledge - read or you could watch the History Channel or go to school some more. (Wikipedia ain't gonna cut it...Sorry)
Want to climb hills on a bike - find hills and ride on them.

This is exactly what we did today. We drove to Surry, VA and rode out to a village called Claremont, VA. When we got to the village, we rode around a 10 mile loop with hills. The hills range from 8% - 14%. Good times. Around and around we went. When we hit 50 something miles, we headed back to Surry and home.

The ride felt great. No bonking. No problems like last week! I did not eat enough today (still had 2/3 of my food bottle left...OOPS). Need to get some Endurolytes Caps for upcoming rides that I don't use my Camel Bak on. Endurolytes ensure proper electrolytes in the body. Very important for all body functions like the heart beat! Without electrolytes, it is simple, heat cramps, heat stroke, that order.

65 miles