Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Thick Skin

Yesterday, I stated I had soft skin. I am wrong. So here is the problem, I have a blister located under the callous and the skin hasn't ripped yet. It will be a relief when it does. In the mean time, more soaking etc.

I really feel yesterday's pull ups. It is to be expected, time away from training is not wise. Let me make a prediction, I will be back to my early year strength and volume levels in the next two weeks. I haven't really lost too much conditioning and simply need to get the groove back.

Pull up: 5x5 + handstand
Front Squat 2x24K: 5x5 (feel good, still have the groove)
Clean and Press 24K: 5x1,2,3 ladders (considered doing 4 rungs. Will do on Friday and all of next week.)
Swing 24K: 5x15 + hanging leg raise 5x5

One positive note, I was able to loose weakness today. Since my training comrades have all moved from the area, I have lacked motivation to train. During the squats and presses, I just went into a zone and I wasn't stopping until I finished. This is a good thing.

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