Saturday, September 22, 2007

Speed Racer

"Hey Speed, let's get up and go ride with the Contes racers."
Yes, Racer X was present, and very fast!

We flew around the loop in about an hour and this was the slower group. We picked up stragglers from the "a" group for the last 6 miles. It should be the a++ group and the a group. We flew over the Lesner Bridge at 22mph. I felt fine on this but within a mile I was feeling it. It took the next 3 miles to get back to normal. I decided to forgo the second loop and stop at 25 miles. I really can't afford to be drained all day because I let the T...get the better of me. I have to finish my scenario project on future trends for B school.

Ride: 25
Swing: 3x25 (32K)
Pull up 2x10

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