Monday, September 17, 2007

Beggin' for misery

Today proved to be a physical drain. Many contributing factors! Last night's workout and lack of proper recovery meal is part of the problem. Of course there is the breezy weather that seems to plague me on commutes lately. I felt the wind on the ride but not all that bad, it just kept my average speed down a little. Not to mention last night's workout itself. I guess every little bit adds up. Now I am ready to get some sleep and try it all again tomorrow. With a longer ride etc. Beggin' for misery - I guess.

Swing 32K: 2x25
Ride: 15

Pull up: 16K 5x1,2 (wanted to do 123 but I needed to get the groove of doing these with weight)
airborn lunges: 5x5 (feeling this)

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