Friday, September 14, 2007

Wednesday late entry

On Wednesday, I did a 0400 ride, then PT (some jogging, push ups, pull ups, bw squats etc). Then I did my PT. Good stuff. I love riding the route to work at this time in the morning, very little traffic. Nobody trying to run you off the road. It is peaceful and quiet. On the other hand, I am NOT a morning person. I detest getting out of bed at 0330. Although, like anything else, I could get used to it. I would just have to go to sleep earlier.

Ride: 17
Pullups: 5x5
Front Squat: 24k(2) 7x5
clean and press 24K 5x1234 ladders
Swing: 2x25

Notes: Thurs, only pullups 5x5
Fri: 0ff - planned on a 200k this weekend thus a slight taper. Not doing the ride for another week or two. Tomorrow will be some KB training with mucho squats sets of 32k after some pistols. Then presses and swings. If it isn't raining, ride 40 - 60 miles tomorrow. Sunday KB training.

There, I wrote it , now I have to do it!

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