Wednesday, September 26, 2007

RKC II and Training Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday

I think I am going to enroll for the level II RKC that takes place in June. I wanted to go this year but I think next year will be better. More training, more perfection will yield less pain at the cert. The cert focuses on pull ups, pistols, clean and jerk, bent press and some great trainer classes like miofacial release points and functional movement screening. This stuff is just the bread and butter of training. Real-man exercises which are guarenteed to take training to the next level. Perhaps I will have to start practicing the jerks one day per week...

I put the workshop in my check out basket this evening. That is always the first step. I will actually purchase in the next couple weeks.Heck, now that I think about it, I need to just purchase the thing so I have some focus in my training. I am going, who am I trying to fool.

Monday -
Pull up 3x8

Tuesday -
Swing: 32K 3x25
Ride: 15

6 rounds:
Front Squat 2:24K 5,5 + SeeSaw Press - 24K 5x5
Pull up 6x6

Wednesday -
Ride: (0400) - 15
PT at work. Pull ups - 6x5 + hanging leg raises 6x5
pushups - 5x20,
Clap push ups - 3x10 (did 1 clapping behind back)
Pistols 1,1am....1,1pm NO COUNTER WEIGHT YIPPIE

The pistols are exciting. I can do with counter weight up to 32K. I just didn't have enough flexibility to do it sans balance. This is exactly what I need to get me psyched up to do the RKC II.

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