Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back to the VO2 (V1)

Yesterday I mentioned that I would be hitting the VO2 Max. Well I began a day early because...it was there. I noticed I was more winded on this protocol than in the past. This 'off season' is taking a toll on my VO2 max. At least my SE (strength Endurance) is coming along just right. Of course, this is the reason we have protocols such as the Vo2 max protocol. To improve it and become machines like Drago er...Rocky B or Pavel (he's real).

Day 1 (or 2 see note)
VO2Max -- 15/15 8 rep -- 30 sets.

This was pretty much the end of the line for today. I could have done a few more sets but for day 1 this is a fantastic start. I will add at least 5 reps on the next series.

One more note, yesterday's 4:3 intervals are also allowed in the protocol, So actually, this is DAY 2.....

Monday, January 26, 2009

Update -- more practice

I guess I have slacked on the updates. Here is the scoop.

I'm going to start a VO2 max cycle and work up to 40 min. I was planning on starting next week but I was motivated by an update by Sandy Sommer RKC. He is working up to 80 sets so I will keep up and hopefully motivate him too! So I will begin this week on Wed.

swing 16k x 50/50, 24k x 100
Snatch: 24k on the min - 12l/12r x 6 min
rest 2 min
Snatch 16k 10/10 x 4 min

rest 3.5 hrs

Bike: 6 min wu + 4x 4:00 on/3 min rest

Ride: 20/10 x 8

snatch 16k x 100

Ride: 20/10 x 8

Z practice

pistol: 16k 5/5
snatch 16k x 100

Pull up 5x10
ride 3 hrs

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Split into 2 sessions today:

A. strength
ZNWU - Z continues to amaze me. Check this out on Mike T Nelson Blog.
Z work
Jog 1/2 mile
OH swing 16k x 50/50
Front Squat: 3 x 32k x 5 | 4 x 56k x 3 - (got some work to do, good start)
OH LCJerk: on the min. 6 min. 10 reps each arm per min.
Jog 1/2 mile

Goal with FSQ -
  • 5x5 with 64k. end of march...
  • END of year goal - 80k.

B. bike
5 min wu
20 x 10 sec on/5 sec off
5 wd

Pull up 10x5

Pull Up: 2x10
Swing 32k x 100
Bike: 8x20:10

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The baseline

A few years back I decided that completing 1 set of 100 snatches was a milestone. My first attempt was in my living room and it was a success. It showed me that I was right where I needed to be. I also decided I could begin using my 24k kettlebell. The rep scheme for that attempt was 20,15,10, and 5 reps.

I did it again a few months after my first RKC certification when I was working out with one of my buddies. He mentioned he did 100 snatches in a workout a few weeks prior and I said cool, let's do it. Instead of doing it in 1 set, I told him that we would alternate sets in a you go - I go format. The thing is kept bragging about how cool he was and how much he was a stud. (with the 16k? come on gimme a break) So he struggled with the first set of 20s then my turn. I did 50 left and 50 right. He said humbly, 'I guess I have much to learn.' We completed the workout in order (yes, I did the 15, 10 5 with him).

I didn't do it to show off and I'm not writing about it to show off. It is great to reach milestones but they are only milestones and should serve as motivation for the next milestone.

Today one of my 'students' attempted the 100 rep challenge with the 16k. It all sounded great until he started breaking it down. He rested several times in the rack position and it took him 4.5 minutes. This is admirable and a start but...it ain't quite up to par. So he has some work ahead of him. Good thing is he will nail it in a few weeks - non-stop!

So I was inspired to attempt this again. I needed a quick workout this afternoon and he had a 16k Russian Red in his office. So, about a minute and a half - two minutes later, I was done 40,40, 10,10.

I like the 100rep challenge and will have to ammend it to the 24k in the next few months. Can I do 100 w/o rest? Well, it's a great question, I think I shall find out. Hmmm, this means I might have to work on the 10 min thing huh?

Give the 16k 100 reps a try. Do 100 snatches without setting the kettlebell down. Rest is in the overhead position (if needed).

Monday, January 12, 2009

1st outdoor ride of the year

I suited up with several layers and headed outside for a ride. It was the first outdoor ride of the year. I'm a little behind in the long ride category. Riding fitness is not there right now but I started feeling great after the first hour.

I decided to skip my scheduled kettlebell work today with the long ride planned. I'm glad I did. I feel the least few workouts.

Ride: 2.5 hours

Sunday, January 11, 2009

5 min SSST

After some practice on various lifts, I planned some snatch practice. When it came time for snatches, I decided to do the test. I was actually inspired by the Karen Smith, the other RKC in Virginia Beach. She is preparing for the level 2 RKC this summer and has nailed her test a few times already. I said, "Hmmm, I should actually try in one of these days." If you rember, I did in a few months ago; I hit my number in the first 3 minutes and decided that was enough, need more practice. The 5 min snatch test is the new RKC certification standard. ALL RKCs and RKC candidates must complete the test.

Males will use the 24k kettlebell, you may switch hands as many times as you like and you may set the kettlebell down. You must complete your weight in KG for me right now that is about 84 reps/kg. I figured that anything over 86 would be a good number to shoot for. (Just keeping it humble)

Of course as soon as I hit start on the GymBoss, I changed my mind and went for 100 reps. It looked like this, 15/15, 15/15, 10/10, 10/11 = 101 reps (did 1 for the Corps). Regardless of your weight the most reps you have to complete in the test is 100. I actually rested about 43 seconds after the second set of 15/15 and had plenty left in the tank when I was done.

I plan to keep working towards improving my score in the test as it is a fantastic workout. I will shoot for the 10 min SSST in the next month or so with a goal of 200+reps. I have never attempted this test but I think it will be good GPP for the events in the spring.

OH Swing 16k x 100
Pistols 16K 10 x 1/1
TGU 16k 5 x 5/5 (alternated fluid GU and high hip)
5 min Snatch test - 101 reps

Bike 10 min wu + 8x20sec/10sec + cool down 2 min.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Today we did a mock PFT. Not really sure why but it was a good excuse to shuffle a few miles and hit some pull ups. Actually, the students needed an inventory PFT to start the year off and we were volun-told to provide some motivation. OOHRAH Mandatory fun! I skipped the crunches 'cuz...um, they are worthless and I personally like the way my back feels these days. I did do hanging leg raises 5 sets of 10 instead!!!!! Today I put out about 60 - 80% effort on the events. I guess you could call it junk miles or junk training, Yea - no - maybe?

It is wise to practice things even running. My focus for the run was form. I would like to become more efficient but that will take more running. YUCK.

Practice today:
Pull ups
Hanging Leg raise

Jerks 6 min x 7 reps l/r

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sold My Kettlebells

Yesterday, I had time to get in a quick beating at work before I sold my kettlebells. I have been keeping a full set of kettlebells beside my desk at work for quite a while. They keep accumulating. When someone approached me about purchasing some kettlebells before he deployed in the very near future I couldn't say no. He got a great deal for a 16k, 24k and 32K, didn't have to wait for shipping and I got some ca$h.

No, I don't need cash.
Yes, I still have many kettlebells, just none at work...for a short time. I guess I'll have to either practice at home or do something else at the gym?

Or, I could do BW stuff, pull ups, push ups and pistols. This might be a good idea!

Anyway, I will order new kettlebells and some additional for my class. The UPS dude is going to say my name in vain. I may have to leave a nice tip. I wonder if the IBT allows?

Snatch 24k 20 min. on the minute. 10 reps alternate hands each minute. - 200 reps.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 - 1

Well it is 2009.

Of course everyone has resolutions to do this and that. I...well came up with my 2009 goals and began working on them months ago. Let me sum it up in 1 sentence:

Work hard at the boring things that will make me a better man (Tsatsouline).' What the...?
This goes for training and life. It is the little things consistently that pay off in the long run.

Actually, a few minutes ago, I was thinking about my goals and ambitions for the year and beyond. One thought struck me. Do I REALLY want to do these things? It will be hard and require sacrifice. Well, yea, I really do want to do these things but WHY?

Training update:
Pull up BW - 5 x 5 working on form. 1 sec pause at bottom.
Front Squat - feet together - 32K 5x5
OALC - 32k - 7 min - 5l, 5r on the min. (my whole body is shaking after this)
Swing - 32k 3x50 - still shaking

Bike trainer - 8x 20:10

Snatch: 24k 10 min. 5/5 on the minute