Thursday, January 8, 2009


Today we did a mock PFT. Not really sure why but it was a good excuse to shuffle a few miles and hit some pull ups. Actually, the students needed an inventory PFT to start the year off and we were volun-told to provide some motivation. OOHRAH Mandatory fun! I skipped the crunches ', they are worthless and I personally like the way my back feels these days. I did do hanging leg raises 5 sets of 10 instead!!!!! Today I put out about 60 - 80% effort on the events. I guess you could call it junk miles or junk training, Yea - no - maybe?

It is wise to practice things even running. My focus for the run was form. I would like to become more efficient but that will take more running. YUCK.

Practice today:
Pull ups
Hanging Leg raise

Jerks 6 min x 7 reps l/r

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