Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back to the VO2 (V1)

Yesterday I mentioned that I would be hitting the VO2 Max. Well I began a day early because...it was there. I noticed I was more winded on this protocol than in the past. This 'off season' is taking a toll on my VO2 max. At least my SE (strength Endurance) is coming along just right. Of course, this is the reason we have protocols such as the Vo2 max protocol. To improve it and become machines like Drago er...Rocky B or Pavel (he's real).

Day 1 (or 2 see note)
VO2Max -- 15/15 8 rep -- 30 sets.

This was pretty much the end of the line for today. I could have done a few more sets but for day 1 this is a fantastic start. I will add at least 5 reps on the next series.

One more note, yesterday's 4:3 intervals are also allowed in the protocol, So actually, this is DAY 2.....

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