Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The baseline

A few years back I decided that completing 1 set of 100 snatches was a milestone. My first attempt was in my living room and it was a success. It showed me that I was right where I needed to be. I also decided I could begin using my 24k kettlebell. The rep scheme for that attempt was 20,15,10, and 5 reps.

I did it again a few months after my first RKC certification when I was working out with one of my buddies. He mentioned he did 100 snatches in a workout a few weeks prior and I said cool, let's do it. Instead of doing it in 1 set, I told him that we would alternate sets in a you go - I go format. The thing is kept bragging about how cool he was and how much he was a stud. (with the 16k? come on gimme a break) So he struggled with the first set of 20s then my turn. I did 50 left and 50 right. He said humbly, 'I guess I have much to learn.' We completed the workout in order (yes, I did the 15, 10 5 with him).

I didn't do it to show off and I'm not writing about it to show off. It is great to reach milestones but they are only milestones and should serve as motivation for the next milestone.

Today one of my 'students' attempted the 100 rep challenge with the 16k. It all sounded great until he started breaking it down. He rested several times in the rack position and it took him 4.5 minutes. This is admirable and a start ain't quite up to par. So he has some work ahead of him. Good thing is he will nail it in a few weeks - non-stop!

So I was inspired to attempt this again. I needed a quick workout this afternoon and he had a 16k Russian Red in his office. So, about a minute and a half - two minutes later, I was done 40,40, 10,10.

I like the 100rep challenge and will have to ammend it to the 24k in the next few months. Can I do 100 w/o rest? Well, it's a great question, I think I shall find out. Hmmm, this means I might have to work on the 10 min thing huh?

Give the 16k 100 reps a try. Do 100 snatches without setting the kettlebell down. Rest is in the overhead position (if needed).

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