Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday madness

Today's forecast was for wind and scattered showers. I've made the determination that scattered showers are adequate conditions for riding. Heck, I've ridden through a tropical storm. Why should a little periodic water deter my fun. I headed out this morning and quickly found that my Rain Shield O2 jacket is a fantastic insulator. It holds in heat and keeps out the cold...pretty darn well. I felt great on the morning ride.

It began raining about 20 minutes before I decided to leave work. What a great opportunity to test the bike not to mention the jacket in the rain. Actually it was a drizzle but it was wet. Both functioned as I expected. I'm 100% certain there will be other ample opportunities to ride in the rain in the coming months.

My only complaint with the jacket is the sleeves. They are binding on my arms from the elbow down. It is evidently tailored for a very lanky pencil.

Ride 30
front squat: 64K 5x3
Jerk: 32K 10 min 5/5 on the min.
5 rounds of
Pistol 1/1 + pullup x 5
Evil wheel 5x5

Jacket photo taken from REI.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Entered the MS 150 in June

I’ve entered the the MS 150 which is a bike ride the first weekend in June. We will bike 75 miles up the Eastern Shore of Virginia, camp and ride back on Sunday morning. Sounds like fun eh?

I know you are thinking that is way too much riding and you would rather sit back, relax and just enjoy your weekend; after all, you deserve it. Don’t worry, I will do all the work. I am just asking you to donate a few bucks to a great cause. Besides, it is probably a tax deduction!

What do you get?
While you are spending the first weekend in June kicking back and enjoying the things you like to do, you will have the satisfaction that you’ve done something worth while. You also will know that while you are sitting in your chair on the deck that I am very tired and have to do it again the next day!

Actually it is not that big of a deal for me to ride this as it will be a nice relaxing weekend before I attempt to ride 600K (372 miles from Raleigh to Wilmington, NC and back) the following weekend. Last year I had to pass through a tropical storm on the ride!

Please help me and the MS society and donate a couple bucks; I'm $ure every dollar count$!

Click here to visit my personal page.

Friday, March 21, 2008

20-21 March

March -- 21
ride 15

clean and press - 32k 5x5

March 20
pull up - bw 2x10 - 24k 5x2

snatch -- 24k l/r -- 20/20,15/15,10/10 -- didn't set kb down - this is positive - will test soon
rest 15 sec
4x7 vo2 style. -- just wanted to see what it would feel like - for future reference

Pull up -- 24k 3x2 - bw
hlr- 3x5
janda su - 2x3

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Humpday dumpday

I never have problems training mid-week. Today was no exception. We had to adjust fire and go earlier in the day than I would like but it seemed to work out pretty well. We warmed up as we waited for another Marine finish with my 16k. Soon enough it was time for the torture to begin. I have to admit -- this is a challenging workout courtesy of Mike Mahler. I mean very challenging! I stumbled on it on a PDF he sent me some time back. Oops, I just looked at the Rx and it calls for 10 FSQ per round. YIKES! I will work up to it. Thanks for putting this together Mike!

The very first kettlebell workshop I attended was a done by Mike. I learned alot about kettlebells. The workshop also answered all the questions about how to properly lift kettlebells without injury. Form and technique are more important to fitness than how much weight you can throw around. It also let me know where I was in the kettlebell world and where I needed to go.

It's nearly three years since I attended the workshop. I know exactly where I stand with kettlebell lifting. I still have a long way to go! I am also light years more advanced than three years ago. I'm stronger, faster and more flexible. I have very little back pain compared to three years ago! The best part? I recover quicker between workouts. That means I can train more intensive more often.

Stupid Arrogance:
I was watching a couple Marines "cleaning" the kettlebell this afternoon. Their form sucks and they wonder why they have large bruises on their forearms. I can fix the form in 5 - 10 minutes but I cannot help anybody that is stubborn and "knows more" than someone trained and certified at the RKC by some of the most sought after coaches and trainers in the world! I even offered them the opportunity to attend my last workshop for FREE. So when their wrists, knees or backs hurt, I have ZERO sympathy. Those Marines can keep watching the DVD or videos online.

I don't understand why anyone would turn down free help and coaching.

warm up - pull up - 2x10 -- JM -- Box Jump (18") 2x10
Pistol - 1,1 2,2 3,3 2,2 1,1

5 rounds double 24k, 1 min rest btw rounds:
Clean and press x 5
renegade row x 5
front squat x 5
swing x 10

hanging leg raies - 3x5
Janda Situp - 2x2

Yesterday, I rode and was wasted after fighting a very brisk headwind on the way home. The last 4 miles took nearly as long as the previous 10..

Ride 30

Monday, March 17, 2008

March 17

Pull up 2x10
VO2 Snatch 16K: 9 reps per/26 sets -- (I said I would progress fast! See last week)
Pull up 1x10
Hang leg raise 1x10

GG did swing 24k 5x20 + 5 pull up (did push ups last 2 rounds -- grip smoked)
Front plank 2x30sec??
Farmers carry 24K

March 14
Ride 30 miles

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Active...Very Active Recovery

The theme for today is active recovery. I need to do something but riding and the normal kettlebell stuff I've been doing all week just wasn't happening today. Why?

Between the squats, pistols and yesterday's jerks, somewhere in between all that, I managed to tweak something just right and the sciatic nerve is firing some crazy stuff through my middle region. If I'm not careful, I won't be putting on my own socks. Let me break down the problems, tight hip flexors --- check; tight ankle --- check; gluteus medius --- moderate tight; latisimus dorsi --- firing!

Remedy? I will do some z and stretching this evening. Tomorrow, ensure I 'neutral' exercises like the swing (2 hands).

Pull up: 3x5
Renegade Lunges: 4x5/5
front squat: 48K 1x5

I had to cut it short today...The plan was for more....I would have done a few hundred swings; time permitting.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Today was not so much practice. It was more of a workday; a full octane workday.


Pull up: BW3x5, 16k 3x5, 24k 2x3

Snatch VO2--9reps x 18 rounds -- the 9s are not as difficult as I thought they would be. I will progress quickly to 25 rounds.

Jerk: double 24k: 5 reps on the min. x 8 min + 2 min x single 24k x 5 reps

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Green Beans...Corn Part 3

If you haven't read the past 2 posts, stop right now and take some remedial actions.

I received an answer from Del Monte today. Here is what they have to say:
Thank you for your e-mail about Del Monte Cut Green Beans. We're glad you took the time to contact us and appreciate the opportunity to respond.

We're concerned to hear that the can you received was improperly labeled. Certainly your experience does not represent the quality we want you to receive. Our products are packed under strict, careful quality control procedures. As a result, an experience such as yours is unusual.

We appreciate your help in sending us the manufacturing code. We will provide this information to our Quality Assurance and Manufacturing Plant so they can investigate and take any appropriate corrective action steps.

We hope our products will be completely satisfactory in the future, and I'm sending you money saving coupons in the mail in appreciation of your business.

Yippie, free stuff! It really wasn't the purpose of sending them an email. We are studying public relations in marketing class right now. The message was sent as a sort of research.

Also of note, we may have bought an entire case of green beans at Sams Club. So, there could be more adventures ahead. Hopefully we only find veggies in the cans! I'll keep my fingers crossed and keep you updated.

Pull up BW 5x5 -- easy day -- I really feel yesterday's PU
VO2 test day: 5 easy sets on the minute then 6th min all out. I did 36 reps in 1 min.
Pistol - 1/1 bw (ups) + 16K 3x1/1
Front Squat - 48kg - 5x5

Ride 30 miles - I ran out of gas 2 miles from home and sputtered home. Not a good feeling.

VO2 notes: doing 36 reps brings me fear! Here's how the work sets will breakdown.
15/15 = 9 reps - (that's moving)
36/36 = 21 reps - (moving as well)
The idea is to work up to 50 sets (25l/25r) then move to larger kb.
I would have donned my HRM but it died.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Green beans ... Corn #2

I'll get to the bottom of this!

Opened another can of Del Monte Green Beans and guess what is in it. That's right, corn!
I just sent the company a message explaining the error. I get this, "Thank you for submitting your comments to Del Monte Consumer Affairs. Your email has been received and one of our team members will respond to your email as soon as possible."

Now I await the response.

Pull up: 16K 5x4 (the first set was 5 reps...I had to drop to 4s)
Pistol: BW 2 x 1/1
16K 3 rung ladder (1,2,3)
Front Squat: double 24k -- 5x5

I have plenty left in the tank! In fact I am not even close to fatigued. I shall practice again tomorrow.

I can do BW pistols with boots and utes. This is due to the added support provided by the boots. Heck, I will take what I can get; when I can get. I think I will add practice with boots and utes more frequently.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Corn or Green Beans?

In preparation for tomorrow's lunch, we opened this can of GREEN BEANS. Look carefully at the picture...

Do you notice the yellow stuff in the can? What the? Apparently there was a mix up at the Del Monte "Quality" factory. Looks like someone pushed the wrong button during the canning process.

My question is did I buy a can of green beans or a can of corn? We were tempted to open our other cans of green beans to see if they are corn too but decided to wait as we had some left over in the fridge.

I was sitting on the couch today with no intention of doing anything. The NASCAR race in Atlanta was about to make me snooze when my phone rang.

"What are you doing? You wanna ride?" 20 minutes later I was out the door on the COHO Randonneuse for a little ramble around the beach.

20 miles.

For some reason, this ride really kicked my butt. I am exhausted! Perhaps the 1.5 weeks off the bike is the reason or maybe Friday's workout caught up with me...

Either way, it will all make me a better man!

The can of green beans, er...corn reminds me of this:

Friday, March 7, 2008


Andrey Kuzmin wrote, "The kettlebell is cold, and unforgiving. It must be respected."

Today the kettlebell treated me without respect and I gained yet more respect for the cannonball with a handle. With every press and every drop back to the rack position, I was beat and hardened. The kettlebell creates a crucible from which Pavel says will make you a better man.

swings 16k -- 5 min.
windmill 16k -- 2x5/5

Jerk 32k -- 2 x 1min on 1 min off -- practice first dip
--Jerk 32k -- 18 min. - 5 reps on the minute alt. hands each minute. -- (90 reps)

Bike -- 30 min trainer -- 90 sec @ 120 rpm. (52x15) + 90 sec rest. x 8 reps -- 1 x 3 min (52x12)

Pull up 5x5 + evil wheel 5x5

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Quick Workout

I had very limited time to complete today's workout. So only one workout exercise and 30 sec rest periods. YIKES! It was enough and took about 10 minutes.

Pull up 1x10
Double Snatch w/24K 5x5 30 sec rest btw sets.

When I had some more time:

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cleared Hot

This morning, the doc gave me the go ahead to resume training. It has been a long difficult week of doing nothing. I guess the good news is that I'm well rested. The past few days I've been studying jerk technique and doing a few reps here and there. I think it paid off as the lift feels a different and better. I will do some video critique next week.

swing--singles, doubles juggling.....
L/C Clean and Jerk: 24k 5 min. alt 5l,5r; do not set kb down
2 min rest
Snatch 24k: 5 min. alt 5l,5r; do not set the kettlebell down
2 min rest
front squat 24kx2, 3x5
jerk double 24k, 1x10
pull up 5x5

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Dude, where've you been?

If you are a regular reader of the Get of the Couch blog, you are probably asking, Dude, where have you been? Why no blogging?

The answer is simple, I don't have anything to share. I am nursing a injury/infection and haven't done anything. Just a couch potato. Well, I have done some Z but that's it! I am ready and willing to train but the consequences are too high and would result in more time away. So here I sit.

If you are looking for some motivation, here is the stuff I've been reading about:

The Iditarod Trail Invitational is underway and Jill Homer has completed here quest. She completed the 350 mile arctic ride from Anchorage to McGrath, AK in just over 6 days. On another note, the actual Iditarod dog sled race began today.

In the kettlebell world, the most recent challenge is doing 1000 swings in less than an hour. Tracy Rif did it in 50 min. David Whitley also did this feat with 32k in 54 min.

The medals for completing last August's 1200K Paris-Brest-Paris brevet are arriving. Mike Dayton shows a nice picture. This looks like something to go for in 3.5 years!

Adam Glass is bending and tearing more crazy objects. Dude is strong.

I certainly won't bore you with the soap opera that has been happening with the DCR.

On a lighter note, Yehuda Moon and the Kickstand Cyclery is a great cycling comic strip.