Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Humpday dumpday

I never have problems training mid-week. Today was no exception. We had to adjust fire and go earlier in the day than I would like but it seemed to work out pretty well. We warmed up as we waited for another Marine finish with my 16k. Soon enough it was time for the torture to begin. I have to admit -- this is a challenging workout courtesy of Mike Mahler. I mean very challenging! I stumbled on it on a PDF he sent me some time back. Oops, I just looked at the Rx and it calls for 10 FSQ per round. YIKES! I will work up to it. Thanks for putting this together Mike!

The very first kettlebell workshop I attended was a done by Mike. I learned alot about kettlebells. The workshop also answered all the questions about how to properly lift kettlebells without injury. Form and technique are more important to fitness than how much weight you can throw around. It also let me know where I was in the kettlebell world and where I needed to go.

It's nearly three years since I attended the workshop. I know exactly where I stand with kettlebell lifting. I still have a long way to go! I am also light years more advanced than three years ago. I'm stronger, faster and more flexible. I have very little back pain compared to three years ago! The best part? I recover quicker between workouts. That means I can train more intensive more often.

Stupid Arrogance:
I was watching a couple Marines "cleaning" the kettlebell this afternoon. Their form sucks and they wonder why they have large bruises on their forearms. I can fix the form in 5 - 10 minutes but I cannot help anybody that is stubborn and "knows more" than someone trained and certified at the RKC by some of the most sought after coaches and trainers in the world! I even offered them the opportunity to attend my last workshop for FREE. So when their wrists, knees or backs hurt, I have ZERO sympathy. Those Marines can keep watching the DVD or videos online.

I don't understand why anyone would turn down free help and coaching.

warm up - pull up - 2x10 -- JM -- Box Jump (18") 2x10
Pistol - 1,1 2,2 3,3 2,2 1,1

5 rounds double 24k, 1 min rest btw rounds:
Clean and press x 5
renegade row x 5
front squat x 5
swing x 10

hanging leg raies - 3x5
Janda Situp - 2x2

Yesterday, I rode and was wasted after fighting a very brisk headwind on the way home. The last 4 miles took nearly as long as the previous 10..

Ride 30

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