Thursday, March 13, 2008

Active...Very Active Recovery

The theme for today is active recovery. I need to do something but riding and the normal kettlebell stuff I've been doing all week just wasn't happening today. Why?

Between the squats, pistols and yesterday's jerks, somewhere in between all that, I managed to tweak something just right and the sciatic nerve is firing some crazy stuff through my middle region. If I'm not careful, I won't be putting on my own socks. Let me break down the problems, tight hip flexors --- check; tight ankle --- check; gluteus medius --- moderate tight; latisimus dorsi --- firing!

Remedy? I will do some z and stretching this evening. Tomorrow, ensure I 'neutral' exercises like the swing (2 hands).

Pull up: 3x5
Renegade Lunges: 4x5/5
front squat: 48K 1x5

I had to cut it short today...The plan was for more....I would have done a few hundred swings; time permitting.

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