Friday, March 7, 2008


Andrey Kuzmin wrote, "The kettlebell is cold, and unforgiving. It must be respected."

Today the kettlebell treated me without respect and I gained yet more respect for the cannonball with a handle. With every press and every drop back to the rack position, I was beat and hardened. The kettlebell creates a crucible from which Pavel says will make you a better man.

swings 16k -- 5 min.
windmill 16k -- 2x5/5

Jerk 32k -- 2 x 1min on 1 min off -- practice first dip
--Jerk 32k -- 18 min. - 5 reps on the minute alt. hands each minute. -- (90 reps)

Bike -- 30 min trainer -- 90 sec @ 120 rpm. (52x15) + 90 sec rest. x 8 reps -- 1 x 3 min (52x12)

Pull up 5x5 + evil wheel 5x5

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