Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Green Beans...Corn Part 3

If you haven't read the past 2 posts, stop right now and take some remedial actions.

I received an answer from Del Monte today. Here is what they have to say:
Thank you for your e-mail about Del Monte Cut Green Beans. We're glad you took the time to contact us and appreciate the opportunity to respond.

We're concerned to hear that the can you received was improperly labeled. Certainly your experience does not represent the quality we want you to receive. Our products are packed under strict, careful quality control procedures. As a result, an experience such as yours is unusual.

We appreciate your help in sending us the manufacturing code. We will provide this information to our Quality Assurance and Manufacturing Plant so they can investigate and take any appropriate corrective action steps.

We hope our products will be completely satisfactory in the future, and I'm sending you money saving coupons in the mail in appreciation of your business.

Yippie, free stuff! It really wasn't the purpose of sending them an email. We are studying public relations in marketing class right now. The message was sent as a sort of research.

Also of note, we may have bought an entire case of green beans at Sams Club. So, there could be more adventures ahead. Hopefully we only find veggies in the cans! I'll keep my fingers crossed and keep you updated.

Pull up BW 5x5 -- easy day -- I really feel yesterday's PU
VO2 test day: 5 easy sets on the minute then 6th min all out. I did 36 reps in 1 min.
Pistol - 1/1 bw (ups) + 16K 3x1/1
Front Squat - 48kg - 5x5

Ride 30 miles - I ran out of gas 2 miles from home and sputtered home. Not a good feeling.

VO2 notes: doing 36 reps brings me fear! Here's how the work sets will breakdown.
15/15 = 9 reps - (that's moving)
36/36 = 21 reps - (moving as well)
The idea is to work up to 50 sets (25l/25r) then move to larger kb.
I would have donned my HRM but it died.

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