Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday madness

Today's forecast was for wind and scattered showers. I've made the determination that scattered showers are adequate conditions for riding. Heck, I've ridden through a tropical storm. Why should a little periodic water deter my fun. I headed out this morning and quickly found that my Rain Shield O2 jacket is a fantastic insulator. It holds in heat and keeps out the cold...pretty darn well. I felt great on the morning ride.

It began raining about 20 minutes before I decided to leave work. What a great opportunity to test the bike not to mention the jacket in the rain. Actually it was a drizzle but it was wet. Both functioned as I expected. I'm 100% certain there will be other ample opportunities to ride in the rain in the coming months.

My only complaint with the jacket is the sleeves. They are binding on my arms from the elbow down. It is evidently tailored for a very lanky pencil.

Ride 30
front squat: 64K 5x3
Jerk: 32K 10 min 5/5 on the min.
5 rounds of
Pistol 1/1 + pullup x 5
Evil wheel 5x5

Jacket photo taken from REI.

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