Saturday, September 11, 2010


First, let me say this will now be a weekly updated blog. It obvious that I'm not going to do it daily thus the new plan.

My training or practice is now based on a grease the groove model. That means instead of setting aside a large block of time, I'm working through out the day. So it kinda looks like this:

In the AM I try to get my prep work done. This includes some Z health, and some corrective movement patterns and some get ups. I throw in some jumping rope if I feel froggy.

Pull ups - a set of x reps every time I go up stairs. That can be a lot because I moved the baby's changing table up stairs.

Press, swings when I go into the basement. I make excuses to venture down there every few hours.

I've been managing to get a smoker in before dinner each night too. Just trying to explode the heart!