Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sold My Kettlebells

Yesterday, I had time to get in a quick beating at work before I sold my kettlebells. I have been keeping a full set of kettlebells beside my desk at work for quite a while. They keep accumulating. When someone approached me about purchasing some kettlebells before he deployed in the very near future I couldn't say no. He got a great deal for a 16k, 24k and 32K, didn't have to wait for shipping and I got some ca$h.

No, I don't need cash.
Yes, I still have many kettlebells, just none at work...for a short time. I guess I'll have to either practice at home or do something else at the gym?

Or, I could do BW stuff, pull ups, push ups and pistols. This might be a good idea!

Anyway, I will order new kettlebells and some additional for my class. The UPS dude is going to say my name in vain. I may have to leave a nice tip. I wonder if the IBT allows?

Snatch 24k 20 min. on the minute. 10 reps alternate hands each minute. - 200 reps.


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