Monday, February 2, 2009

Practice today and update

I took break for a couple days -- kinda -- because we moved. I could not have done a workout and moved all of our stuff and still train this week. I was wasted by the end of Saturday and have tweaked my back. Of course it is the same area that has hurt for 4 years. That is good news because I know what to do to get back to normal.

During my snatch practice today I had no power and felt my back on every rep. I also noticed my entire left side was compensating. In other words my hips did not fire. I cut back on the reps then added several sets of swings. Of course I could just have no energy because of the crap I ate yesterday.

OAJerk 32k on the min 5 reps alternating arms - 10 min.
5 min rest
Snatch: 24k 5 min - 3 x 11/11, 2 x 5/5 = 86 (it was hard but I hit my numbers)
then - 2 min x swing

bike: 8x20:10 standing on every interval

Sat - off - znwu
Friday - znwu
Thursday - Bike 20:10x8 - MVO2 x 35sets
Wednesday - Bike 2 min on: 1 min off x 10

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