Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I've mentioned foundation before. Building a foundation sets you up for good lifting, mucho improved strength and less injuries. All of these lead to a better lifestyle. Better lifestyle for me is living pain free or as much pain free as I can without eating NSAIDS like Vitamin M. I'm thinking some very important organs, mainly the liver and kidneys may appreciate my thoughtfulness and actually last my lifetime.

Building a foundation is as simple as throwing away the EGO and perfecting movement patterns. Movement patterns are lifts or parts of a lift. It is training the CNS (central nervous system) to allow the body to perform properly. It's like a map (that is what the Z gurus call it). The CNS is like the black box in the cockpit of an aircraft. It tracks or maps all movement good and bad.

Performing movement incorrectly leads to an incorrect map. Instead of finding the burried treasure, you find...pain. The pain probably won't happen today or tommorrow but it will happen. Incorrect movement leads the body to correct with other joints and a wild cycle of compensation and shutting down function leads to loss of movement all together. Three years ago I couldn't put my own socks on due to this phenomon.

A good map allows improved athletic performance for anyone. Elite professional athletes benefit from this and so do those of us who enjoy watching from the couch. I will take any improvement in athleticism I can get and judging from all of the HGH/steroid/EPO users, so will the elite athlete. A proper map is legal!

So I take my vitamin Z drills, and have been rehashing the basic movment patterns under weight. Most recently I've been practicing the Get up with a very easy weight. I've also practiced cleans with a variety of weights. It is paying off as my cleans with heavy weights is becoming more natural.

So practice looks very similar to what I was doing 2 years ago with at least 1 benefit, I don't get DOMS (from these lifts).

Swing 16k x 100
TGU 12k 3 x 5/5, 16k 2 x 5/5 ( I practiced any transition that I didn't feel comfortable in 5x during the first set.
Cleans 5 sets of 3 reps 24k, 32k, 40k
Press 24k 5 sets x 1,1,2 ladders + pull up x 5
Swing - 24k OH 20/20 - 32k x 50 - 40k x 50
Evil wheel - 3x5 + crocadile breathing between sets.

Saved Rounds:
My back pain is present; not this bad since June? or longer.

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