Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Beat-Down Continues

90% of the time when I talk about training, I'm actually practicing an activity. This week is different with more training or beat down than practice. Yesterday we did more CFT training er...practice. When I got home, I practiced heavy kettlebell snatches. This morning a 20 mile bike ride with plenty o' sprinting and this evening, I got a nice beat-down at MCMAP.

This is what all of the practice and conditioning with kettlebells allows me to accomplish. I am very thankful that I work them hard. I recover quickly after grappling rounds -- great when fresh bodies are bringing it to you. It also lets me have a huge smile during cohesion drills. Most of all it is great to have conditioning that is superior to most. Notice I didn't say all!

I should add one tidbit. I am beat!

Ride 20 mi. several sprints
Z drills

880 yd run., Press, MANUF
Snatch 5 rounds - 5x16, 24, 32

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