Saturday, September 1, 2007

Hitting the Weakness

It you suck at something - get better at it! This is hard to do so most people don't.

If you always work on things you are good at - you probably won't make huge improvements. This is easy to do because it is in the comfort zone.

Go do the things you are weak at. This works for anything. Check it out:
Want to squat better - do squats.
Want to run better - run.
Want to make better coffee - make coffee.
Want to expand your knowledge - read or you could watch the History Channel or go to school some more. (Wikipedia ain't gonna cut it...Sorry)
Want to climb hills on a bike - find hills and ride on them.

This is exactly what we did today. We drove to Surry, VA and rode out to a village called Claremont, VA. When we got to the village, we rode around a 10 mile loop with hills. The hills range from 8% - 14%. Good times. Around and around we went. When we hit 50 something miles, we headed back to Surry and home.

The ride felt great. No bonking. No problems like last week! I did not eat enough today (still had 2/3 of my food bottle left...OOPS). Need to get some Endurolytes Caps for upcoming rides that I don't use my Camel Bak on. Endurolytes ensure proper electrolytes in the body. Very important for all body functions like the heart beat! Without electrolytes, it is simple, heat cramps, heat stroke, that order.

65 miles

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