Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Busch and Mueller IXON light

Before the 300k in the brevet season, I purchased a Busch and Mueller IXON LED headlamp for my rides. The copy touted an 8 hour run time on low power and 6 hours on high power. Sounds good to me. That put me right at the edge on a summer night. After 5 months of use including 3 all night rides, I can honestly say this is a great investment.

The IXON has worked far beyond expectations. I have yet to change the batteries during a ride. In fact, I rode the last ride and used it for about 8 hours, during the following weeks, I used it another 3 hours before deciding to recharge. Better safe than sorry on a commute, right?

The IXON comes with handlebar mount, a fork mount batteries and a charger.
Everything you need right in the box. Of course there are other accessories you may choose to purchase.

Here is another tidbit of information that was a real selling point. The IXON can be used with the Schmidt Dynohub. What does this mean to you? It is a great lamp for descents. It is a backup for your other lamps during long events like longer than 600K. You can use for commuting as an alternative to your randonneuring gear.

Ride (0400) - 15 miles
Pull ups - 5x5
Hanging leg raises 5x5 (feeling the evil wheel)

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