Monday, August 20, 2007

Back to the basics for a pain free lifestyle

Today I began with the basics of kettlebell lifting. I just took an entire week off from nearly everything. I did do a couple bike rides, nothing major. I thought it would be good to recharge the batteries. I can feel the time off in my joints. Odd concept? Not really it is proof that my work over the past two years is really paying off.

What about the joints? Well, I am the lucky owner of degenerated disks in L4 and L5. This is not a good situation. My solution is kettlebell training and avoiding activities that may lead to pain. Activities like running and prolonged standing are killer.

Ankle? Yes, ankle. I broke my ankle and tore much of the soft tissue some years ago. Needless to say, it tends to get stiff and sore periodically. I have been good for about a year and a half but the time off has left my ankle stiff and sore.

Back to the Basics...Joint mobility and stretching are one part of the puzzle that lead to a pain free life. The other part is strengthening and building endurance in the muscles that support the joints.

Sounds simple doesn't it? Don't tell anyone but it is simple! Unfortunately most people can't stick to anything more than a couple weeks. They get bored too quickly. You know who I am talking about. If the shoe fits wear it.

You have 2 solutions. First, pay doctors and chiropractors thousands of dollars to help you feel better. They will give you a crack, a shot of cortisone or fuse your joints together. You will feel better...for a while. You will be back for more action and cough up some more money within a few months or a year.

The second option is to heed what I am saying. Do what I am talking about with consistency. You will save yourself thousands and add years to your life!

Swing: 1x50
See saw press: 5x5/5
Swing: 2x50
Evil Wheel: 5x5 (sore from yesterdays wheel)

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