Sunday, August 26, 2007

Saturday's Training Ride...ER...Ramble

Saturday's training ride; at least it began as a training ride. Then quality riding quickly wained and the ramble began. We began riding approx. 0830 and finished at 1500. Typical day in the saddle right? Our route through Suffolk and the Isle of Wright took us 75 miles.

Saturday marked the first time I have ridden in that area and I have to say it is enjoyable. Little or no traffic, dogs, pedestrians...come to think of it there are very few people in this area. The roads are mostly farm roads and for the most part, we could ride side by side. The area also offers hills and trees which are hard to come by in the swamp of Virginia beach.

Something happened on the ride that still puzzles me. I hit a wall and could not get off it. Around 30 miles, my legs quit. They didn't want to spin anymore. Average speed quickly dropped. By mile 60 I wanted to push my bicycle. At this point, my arms began to beg for mercy as they were tired of supporting my upper body. I managed to finish the ride.

Ron was very patient. He would ride at a normal pace until he found some shade then sit and wait for me to catch up. Thanks Ron!

The problem? Good question.

Heat/humidity? Perhaps. I wasn't overly dehydrated though. Only a 4 lb loss during the day. That's probably close to normal.

Food intake? Adequate, not likely the problem.

Lack of training? Possible but probably not.

Ride on Friday? This is the theory. I rode. I did not properly refuel post ride. I had a handful of blueberries, some water and a cup of coffee. I paid dearly. Lesson learned.

It is most crucial to replenish glycogen stores and protien within 35 - 45 minutes following exercise. Well you don't have to. I didn't; if I wasn't doing a +5 hour ride the next day I would have been fine. If I was just doing an hour or something, I would be good to go.

Ride: 75 miles

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