Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The joy and agony - leg work

This week is the second week of leg work although this week is more intense than last. I have neglected the legs since Feb or March and I believe it is a huge error. My thought was that I didn't want to over train my legs so that I was fresh for most of the rides. This worked fine I survived the rides and training. I have built a very solid base to build from. Now it is time to improve the foundation for future events and training.

Think about a tree trunk and the roots that support the tree. Both the roots and trunk support a tree. The bigger the roots, the bigger the trunk, the taller the tree will grow. It is similar to human. The stronger the roots (feet) and trunks (legs) the stronger you are able to become. I have good upper body strength that keeps improving and great leg strength for someone that weighs #150. The problem is that I weight #190. This makes running and cycling labor intensive.

Two options. First, loose 15 lbs. This would dramatically improve power but it wouldn't be very fun. My diet is already a little on the depressing side. Besides, I've been attempting this for more than a year and have succeeded to loose a large BF% but I also packed on lean muscle. YAY! In the end, my weight has been fairly consistent over this period with the loss of BF. Good to go! The second option is to get stronger. Ok, sounds good sarge, where do I sign?

Here you are Jonny:

VO2 Snatch: 16K 8s x 20/20 - this sucked in the last 3 grip 100% humidity. Ouch.

Ride: 15
Pull up: BW - 6x5 + handstand
Clean and Press double 24s - 5x5
Front Squat: double 24s 5x4
Ride: 15

Swing 24K: 2x50
TGU: 5x5/5 - 24K
Clean and press: 24K - 2x1,2,3,4, 3x1,2,3 - (harder than I remember...HMM...see below)
Front Squat: 5x5 (getting better with the groove. Need to concentrate on the proper form)
1leg DL: 5x5/5
Swing: 24K: 2x50 (great hip snap)

The difficulty with the ladders in the press concerns me. I will ensure I do ladders and work my volume back up the appropriate levels. 3 rung is a good starting point. Move up late next week? I'm also considering doing ladders with the front squats too.

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