Sunday, July 29, 2007


If you actually read this blog/training log, I have been a slacker for the past few days. Well, slacking when it comes to using blogger. If you are still curious about the past few workouts, keep reading.

Thursday: -- Rest - and some pullups - and some stretching - and some JM.

Friday: -- VO2 workout snatch protocol. Sets: 20L/20R - Reps 7s. Time: 20min. Comment: this was both easier and more difficult. More difficult on a humid day. the kettlebell actually missed my thumb on the 19th right and the handle slipped around my wrist - OUCH. At that point I decided not to go for 25 sets.

Saturday: -- Swing 32K x 100
Ride: 40Mi. time just over 2hrs. First loop with "b" group. AVSpeed: 20. 2nd loop with "A" group avspeed 25+ we pushed 30+ to catch up with part of the group. As it went along, I was dropped with 4 miles to go. Finished at a sensible 18 - 20. Still can't quite hang with the racers. I will keep trying!

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