Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Short training ride on Independence Day

This morning, I headed out on a short journey around one of my VB loops. This route heads away from the VB Ocean Front, around NAS Oceana, on to Cape Henry and some laps on Ft. Story and returning home. This route is 30 miles and has some hills including 2 bridges. The other hills on the route are some of the only natural hills in the area, this is a big swamp after all. I can custom the route to be as long as I like with as many rollers as needed for training.

Ft Story is not known to many of the riders in the area who think Pungo is the only area to ride in HR. It is great because it closely resembles terrain found everywhere in the country except HR. It is also great because a large majority of cyclists in HR are plain rude. A simple wave or head nod is a polite greeting even if you are tired. It's not like there are severe rollers (see Moorsville brevet series) that pop up all the time making your legs feel like Jello. Just be polite! Should I keep going?

Ft Story has 2 historic light houses that warn of Cape Henry's dangerous rocks. It is also roughly the site of the "First Landing" 400 years ago by Capt John Smith which claimed this continent as part of the Brittish Commonwealth. This is the begining of our country. Which brings me to Independence Day.

Why do we have a July 4? Duh, so we can watch fireworks.

Most people forget the real meaning of our holidays. Today is a celebration commemorating our independence from Brittain and the monarchy. On this day, democracy was born. Read the Declaration of Independence. We have been defending Democracy ever since. We've fought many battles and wars to ensure our way of life continues. Brave men stood up to England and paved the way for our freedom. Like wise brave men have stood up to tyrany for more than 230 years.

Today there are many men and women in harms way doing what our ancestors have done. Please think of those that came before us and those that are in harms way today. Pray for their safe return. Pray for continued democracy.

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