Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday Snatching

I have been debating about which protocol to follow for the next few months or so. I've been thinking about EDT protocol; which is touted for size and strength gains. This seems like it would be good training however I could risk over training leading to no progress. I will consider beginning this down the road. I actually was going to begin today but at the last second, I decided to continue with snatches twice per week. On the other days, I plan to do 5x5 stuff. Stuff includes pull up, presses, front squat, pistols, 1 leg dead lift, farmers walk, overhead holds and get ups. Not all on the same day! Pretty similar to routines done over the past year.

I've taken some time away from the kettlebells and pull ups and have lost some pull up fitness. Hopefully the time away will help with some strength gains.

Pull up - 5x5 + handstands

Snatch: 24K: 6x6/6, 4x5/5. (15 sec on / 15 sec off) I had to reduce the number as I wasn't quite making it within the 15 seconds. Next time I will do 5s and do more sets.

Farmers walk 2/24K around the block.

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