Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Rest takes Humility

This is an interesting thought. I probably haven't learned my lesson yet but, I am getting wiser. After the 200K on Saturday, I have decided that more rest is better than pushing the CNS even more and not recovering. In the past month or two, I have consistently over trained to the point of injury. This week, rest, a ride tomorrow (50mi) and some more rest in preparation for a 322K ride on Sat or Sun. This ride is the Blackbeard Permanent from Raleigh to Swan Quarter, one of Black Beard's homes. ARRRGH! I will discuss this ride more later.

Last night I worked with a client and did some demonstration exercises. At first, if felt good to stretch and get the blood flowing but I was rudely reminded of the muscle damage left from Saturday. More rest is going to be good.

Today, I will do some light training to keep the blood flowing and some joint mobility. Stretching will also be done this afternoon. I will keep it light by training by myself so I am not tempted to do something I shouldn't.

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